Wow, Street Fighter in 15 Pixels

"It's Hyper pixel minimalism", said David Surman, one of the event's organizers of UK's GameCity festival. They turned three of their favorite games into a 15 pixel grid. Street Fighter, Parappa and Noby Noby Boy. How great this looks, you can watch under the link.

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The Meerkat3265d ago

It looks more like Bayonetta on the PS3.

jib3265d ago

oh snap. you went there

Sarcasm3265d ago

I actually think it's a car in Forza 3 without the photo mode


DiffusionE3265d ago

ARGH! I think my eyes are bleeding.....HALPPPP!!!!

bjornbear3265d ago

Funny, however, and lets be completely honest here, it looks most like the 3D "zelda" game coming for PS3 =)

SantistaUSA3265d ago

That's NEXT GEN graphics, no doubt about it! lol

infamous_273264d ago

Are guys seriously giving him disagrees? That was some funny shti. Stupid fanboys..

Solidsnakex233264d ago

that was funny. post of the day!

evilmonkey5013264d ago

that was funny....and your right, I will be getting bayonetta for my 360 instead of my ps3.

SixZeroFour3264d ago

lol...looks like a couple gamers are losing their sense of humor

but honestly...was it just me or was i the only one that actually saw what was going on in that vid apart from the audio, thats weird

truly NEXT next gen graphics going on there that even the almighty ps3 couldnt,


cyberwaffles3264d ago

please tell me i'm not the only one who thought this wasn't amazing.

SixZeroFour3264d ago

im not TRYING to speak for everyone here, but i dont think anyone was impressed by, thats why we resorted to making jokes about it

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bekum_aka_jarhed3265d ago

hey everybody its halo4 ! loz cry xbots

DiffusionE3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

*whispering* You know what? I see dead pixels.....

Quote on the "almost as good" part there, Ron. You know you have

Edit: Oh fudge! Wrong reply tree. Sorry.

ambientFLIER3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

The first comment in the Gamer Zone beat you by two hours. Nice job stealing it and making it not funny.

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES3265d ago

looks better than any 360 game

AliTheBrit3264d ago

Looks better than Uncharted 2

Ron_Burgundy3264d ago

that's blasphemy!!!!!!!!

as Uncharted 2 is almost as good graphically as PC games

AliTheBrit3264d ago

^^ Yeah I know xD Uncharted 2 looks amazing

But he talked delusional bullsh*t so I replied with the same ;)

MK24ever3264d ago

I think games don't need that much resolution, 12,5 pixels would me more than enough.

Sarcasm3264d ago

Enjoy your games in sub-pixel resolution!!!


garos823264d ago

had to watch the streetfighter one twice to see what was going on.
i think it was brilliant.

great stuff

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The story is too old to be commented.