Americas Preorder Charts - 11th Oct 09

Uncharted 2 preorders reach 300,000 units as New Super Mario Bros Wii, Brutal Legend and Borderlands see strong increases

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StillGray3351d ago

No surprise to see Modern Warfare 2 at the top. I've got my own copy preordered, too!

bmw693351d ago

Definitely not a suprise to see it at the top, but I doubt anybody expected to see it so far ahead of everything else!!

Cwalat3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

In before america = world
Seriously, i'd rather be interested in seeing what the global charts are like.

bmw693351d ago

Well the first Modern Warfare was huge in Europe as well so I don't see how it would be much different really...

Cwalat3351d ago


I was actually reffering to Uncharted. I know it's huge in Europe so those figures interest me more.

bmw693351d ago

@Cwalat - why reply to a post about Modern Warfare if you were talking about Uncharted 2??

But what you've said is true - Uncharted 1 was much bigger in Europe than America so I'm sure European preorders are strong as well

Cwalat3351d ago

@bmw... True. So i should say something that reffers to MW2... Preorders for that game are no surprise really, and seeing how 360 version preorders outdo the PS3 version by 3:1 isn't surprising either.
This is something i already knew from the beginning, majority of 360 owners in US are hardcore shooter fans. That and Activision/infinity ward are having exclusive deals with microsoft so they portray the game as if it's a 360 exclusive. I've yet to find a single video, article, interview or picture of the PS3 version being mentioned by them. The only thing that surprised me was that PS3 version still managed to get preorders well over 500 000.

Wonder how the global figures are like for this game also, do you think MW2 is getting more preorders than Assassins Creed 2 in Europe?

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

This game big in Japan as well as Europe?

slayorofgods3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Yet VGChartz lists MW2 360 sales @ 1,653,246 vs. U2 sales @ 297,004. There is no way U2 would be the number one seller on Amazon and ahead of MW by that much if pre orders are really that much in favor of MW2. Pre orders at least have to be closer than this data suggests because Amazon is never off by that much.

Amazon is a good random sample that can predict a sales trends of a population (America). Because of this I have to question VGChatz data, they must have made a mistake.

This means U2 is at at least 500,000 sales in the U.S. by Oct. 11th, that is at least a 200,000 sales difference in U2 alone.

Maybe VGCartz does equal fail.

slayorofgods3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

that is 500,000 pre order sales in the U.S. as of September 11th, one month ago, meaning VGChartz is WAY off.
(going Gold = 500,000 in sales)

PATthePlague3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I think it is safe to say that PS3 owners don't preorder games like 360 owners do. I also think it is safe to say from these numbers that 360 owners support their games more. Uncharted 2 is the best game the ps3 has exclusively, but only 300,000 preorders is hilarous. PS3 fanboys spend more time defending their console on the internet than buying and playing the exclusive games they defend. The install base of ps3 is big enough. why the weak sales of killzone, infamous, ratchet and clank, resistance 2, heavenly sword?

somerandomdude3350d ago

"only 300,000 preorders is hilarous" (hilarious?)

yeah especially since Sony already reported 500,000 U.S. pre order sales one month ago.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )


I went to LameStop about a month ago to trade in some games and I told the clerk I wanted to pre-order Uncharted 2 and he quickly responded with "I wouldn't!... I mean, we want your money, but..." then there was an awkward pause for about 10 seconds while we just stared at each other and then he finally said "ODST is coming out the 22nd though."

I swear to god that really happened to me!

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surgency3351d ago

Damn, I thought it there would be more then that..
What's going on with these PS3 blockbusters? Killzone 2 did not sell very well now only 300k pre-orders for a game that is getting almost perfect review scores? Very odd :P

bmw693351d ago

Well don't forget that PS3's strongest market is Europe - the game could do nearly 1 million copies worldwide in the first week...

HarukoHex3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I'm just going to say this now.

"killzone 2 1 million pre-orders confirmed"

now If I recall the sales were no were near that.

don't get me wrong, UC2 will be a great game, but we all know ps3 pre-order numbers never follow threw.

*anyone giving me disagrees must not have been here when EVERYONE went over this.*

N4G king, Killzone 2 has not sold 2 million yet. its close but not yet.

do you people not get what I'm saying. the game had over 1 million pre-orders yet not 1 million picked it up when it came out. MOST waited. and even still 2 million is not that amazing for a consoles FPS killer app.

BTW N4G king.

"so far how this year is going I would say 80% chance of GOTY."
thats me talking about UC2, sure sounds like I'm trolling huh....get a life kid okay. I'm tired of your mouth.

N4G king3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

"now If I recall the sales were no were near that."

killzone2 sold 2 millions+

nice fail
and yah
stop trolling on PS3 articles
you are really bad at it

Mr Logic3351d ago

I've never preordered a game, but I'm getting U2 sometime this week. Hopefully tomorrow.

wUTTer3351d ago

Yep, same here. I never preorder games, but rather stop by a store and pick it up whenever I go shopping.

Lich1203351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

Man, it's getting bad on here. Even PS3 fans are getting slammed for supposed "slanderous" remarks towards the PS3. You give people an agree system and a strong point of view and things get cah-razy!

That was directed at haruko's response... which just seemed like an honest thought.

BX813351d ago

Wow that's sad! With all the Slims that just sold you would think that there would be more pre orders than that. I'm supporting the game on day one I hope a lot more do the same, it's going to be an epic experience.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3351d ago

Based on VGchartz figures KZ2 reached 1mil after 2 weeks and is currently on 1.96 mil after 32 weeks

frostypants3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Of course MW2 is getting more pre-orders. It's the lemming effect due to a more established IP. The game could be a complete turd and it would still top pre-order charts. People buy what they know, and the CoD series is very much in the "it prints money!" category for Activision.

As for the 360 vs. PS3 stuff, on the 360 it has relatively little competition because the 360's exclusive holiday pipeline is so weak. People are already getting sick of ODST (because they've played it all before). Other than that there's just Forza. And, of course, the 360 has the bigger US install base.

That said I'm sure MW2 will be good, but never forget...sales do not equate to quality.

slayorofgods3350d ago

Don't be discouraged by the fictitious data by VGChartz, U2 is going to be a huge seller. I wounder how much pre sales they really have?

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redsquad3351d ago

Not getting MW2 for a long time, if at all. I began a new playthrough of the first one after a long break, but just couldn't get into it after experiencing KILLZONE 2.

Noob3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

So I can see exactly where you're coming from. MW2 looks good but probably won't have a comparable delivery. You have to remember though, every 360 fanboy was 100% sure this game was going to flop in terms of scores because the first one did, so when ever it's brought up they get pretty mad.

metalgearsolid_4ever3351d ago

KZ2 sold 700k first week and 300k the following week = 1 million in 2 weeks and is fast approaching 2 million. (1.96 million as of now)
You do realize that the guy who wrote the article wrote that it would do 400k-450k first week right ? He also said that it could do 500k/550k in europe first week bringing the grand total for first week very close to a million making it the 3rd biggest PS3 game launch behind GTA IV and MGS4. (atleast until MW2 hits)

HarukoHex3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

yes 1.9 million, out of 1 million *more if we count world wide* pre-orders. kinda taking people some time to pay off that order.

you just helped me prove my point. ps3 games do not do well with there pre-order numbers.

I take it this entire site doesn't follow logic anymore?

bmw693351d ago

Are you guys still talking about Killzone 2 preorders?

Man, some people are dumb.

Killzone 2 had 1 million RETAILER preorders - i.e retailers ordered 1 million copies of the game initially. Since it sold 700k week one this is perfectly in line with most games - retailers don't want to order too many but they don't want sellouts either (or they lose business).

These figures are CONSUMER preorders - i.e a consumer goes into a store and places money on the game to secure it at launch.

The two are totally different things and RETAILER preorders are normally about twice as much as CONSUMER preorders - in fact this is how retailers normally gauge how many copies of a game to initially order from the publisher.

metalgearsolid_4ever3351d ago

Nearly 6 months to release and GoW is already charting !

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