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IGN US writes: "Developer Tim Schafer has been delivering funny games for the past two decades, but none of them have enjoyed the marketing push of Brutal Legend. Gaming's best kept secret has been given the limelight. Has Schafer and his studio Double Fine created something worthy of all this attention?"

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WildArmed3350d ago

Nice review.
Too many good games. I think the fall flood of awesome games is here.
People with no money please use the exit to the right..

*goes to the right*
*shakes fist* Next year.. i'll buy you... next year

happyface3350d ago

this will probably eat away a lot of that uncharted games hype since they're coming out the same day but this looks way cooler

Gostosa3350d ago

Both Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend will share some hype, but Im pretty sure that Uncharted 2 will be in front hype-wise. I know im getting both games, and both looks effing awesome.

WildArmed3350d ago

I doubt it will, since U2 has been hyped since E3..
with only 1 day till release, the hype wont go anywhere, its too late to shift the hype train =/

imo ofc... if BL is advertised more then U2 then yeha, Casual market is gonna make the jump

Sarcasm3350d ago

"if BL is advertised more then U2 then yeha"

I've already seen the BL commercial 3 times in between the Simpsons and Family Guy. 0 Uncharted 2 commercials.

Sarcasm3350d ago

"this will probably eat away a lot of that uncharted games hype since they're coming out the same day but this looks way cooler "

lol sadface

Always trying to spin it. If Brutal Legend was PS3 exclusive, we know you'll think it's crap.

WildArmed3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

ah, I usually watch my shows recorded so never notice the ads.
Man i'd love to see U2 ad on tv once in awhile.

*friends exit the house to the right*
oh well, who needs friends newayz, its finally 12 Oct, 2009 lol

*4 months later*
maybe i should buy natal n milo?


UnSelf3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

the humor in this game can at many times feel forced. As if the game is a comedy more so than a game.

Whereas UC2's comedy delivers in its subtlety. I kno no 1 is comparing but im just making a point. Uncharted 1/2 is way funnier than this game thats "supposed" to be funny.

(best comedy moments for those who played both games)

Uncharted 2:

Flyn: "Theres a guy above you...........there's a guy below you."

Brutal Legend:


lol both parts were hilarious but UC2 wins

saint_john_paul_ii3350d ago

"0 Uncharted 2 commercials."

Thats cause you havent been watching it in the right channels..Like TBS..

and Guess what was on TBS all this week, The MLB playoffs.

n to the b3350d ago

idk I thought the BL demo was highly amusing esp when choosing levels of violence & profanity. but yes your example definitely = UC2 funnier.

bjornbear3350d ago

!!!! o.O!

damn good review =)

TheDeadMetalhead3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

I saw the Uncharted 2 commercial today. I think that's the first commercial for a PS3 game I've seen since LBP... O.o

@happyface - lolno.

On-topic: Is there a demo for this game on PSN or XBL? I kind of want to try it now.

Obelisk923349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

@TheDeadMetalHead: Yep there is, but it sucks. It just doesn't show anything of the full game.

I've expected this one to be good (Tim Schafer never fails), but $hittin' crickey not this good. [cit.]

Day one for me, I think I'll cancel my preorder of Forza 3. Not because this one is better, i just don't like so much Forza games...

Arthur_3349d ago

Looking forward to playing the full version soon.
Tim Schafer really knows what he's doing, and this is some of Jack Black's finest work.

EastCoastSB3349d ago

Yea I've seen 3 Uncharted 2 during the playoff games. It's a great commercial too that really harps on the amazing graphics and gameplay of it.

Lich1203349d ago

I know my movie theater where I live had posters all over for Uncharted and some special event that I never figured out. But I've seen a lot more TV slots for Brutal Legend. I don't watch baseball though, guess thats my problem? Now if they could just make it more entertaining then I could see a Uncharted commercial.

MagicAccent3349d ago

I knew this game would rock! (no pun intended :P)
Go Schafer!
So... When can we expect another Full Throttle, then? :)

On a side note: Holy crap! Out's snowing outside!
Imma' go bulid me a snowman! :D

Raf1k13349d ago

The actual game must be so much better than the demo because the demo was very underwhelming.

Mild3349d ago

I've been waiting for a long time to play this awesome tribute to Metal. Never played any of Tim's games before and cannot wait to get my hands on it. Looks like crazy amounts of fun and you can actually understand what Ozzy is saying!

Oh, and fanboys (which should not even exist within the discussions about this game since it's NOT EXCLUSIVE) I think your opinions are dumb and I hate you a lot.

RememberThe3573349d ago

Loved to demo, good to see the game is even better. It seems to me that the only reason people are ragging on this game is because it is coming out the same time as Uncharted 2. I for one am getting both.

Blacktric3349d ago

Pre ordered Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition for 360, GTA: The Episodes From Liberty City for October. I was thinking about buying Brütal Legend but then learnt that Windows 7 is also coming out October 31 st in our country. So I just postphoned buying it. Can't buy it on November because of Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. I won't have any money to buy any games till January probably. But between January and March there's also Assassin's Creed 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction and most importantly (for me) Aliens Versus Predator coming out. So I'm pretty much f...ed...

calis3349d ago


He's gonna sell my ass? I hope he gets good money for it.

As for Brutal Legend. Played the demo. Not a fan. No thanks.

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Christopher_Walken3350d ago

I was not expecting much from this game. Didn't think it would be too good. Looks like I may have been wrong.

Sarcasm3350d ago

Same here.

I'll at least rent the game when there's nothing else to play. But in the next month it's Uncharted 2/Demon's Souls/Forza 3 time for me.

Snoogins3350d ago

This is Tim Shafer we're talking about here and you cannot judge this man's games on surface value as he, to my recollection, has never put out a visually impressive game beyond the art style. Brutal Legend appears to be any metal head's wet dream and has a solid contribution from some of the greatest icons of the music biz.

Still, with that said, I have no urgency to buy it as I have way too much on my plate already, but anyone familiar with Shafer's previous work can expect a great story set on the foundation of a good game.

APOFISBORICUA3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

... Ive been playing the game for the past few hours. Just beat the Spider Queen to give the bass strings to the KillMaster (Lenny). I have to say that the game is good. The graphics are good for a sandbox type of game (yes a sandbox...surprised?) and the music is awesome. For anyone who doesnt like Heavy Metal the game may be average. For all the metal lovers like me...they will ignore the problems in the game just to listen to the music and complete the story. The game really needed a map thanks to its sandbox nature you have to keep pausing it to see the full map and where you must go next. The controls are choppy and the graphics have lots of pop up in the background.

At least the game Heavy Metal theme is genious, fun and looks rigth on. I was specting a more linear adventure, not a sandbox type so if you didnt like the driving section of the demo dont expect much. Also I have the game on 360 and also has the demo on PS3. After all the graphics comparisons I saw I needed to compare it myself and I have to say that the game is identical on both consoles. More vibrant on the PS3 contrary to what I saw in some gaming sites, but they have more screen tearing than the 360 version. Texture wise is the same and the PS3 version is more alliased. The anti alliasing used on the 360 version for some reason makes it darker and have the vaseline effect that everyone dislikes on the PS3. That said I dont expect more than an 8.5 avg on Meta. We will wait and see the "proffesionals" reviews. A good entretaining until Uncharted 2 arrives. A good game that any fan of Metal shouldnt miss.


BTW I kept playing it. Im about 50% onto it and my opinion havent changed. Also with all the pop up in the background I dont even know how IGN gave it 9 in GFX. an 8 its more than good thanks to its unique and colorfull artstyle.

walken73349d ago

No really, the demo was good, but too many other good games coming out. I'll be picking up the God of War collection instead, plus, I got Batman AA and that will hold me over on the beatemup part.

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Darkstorn3350d ago

All I can say is...FINALLY.
Looks like a good game. It's a shame that the campaign is short, though. Hopefully there will be some splitscreen action; or at least an offline multiplayer mode of some sort.

Downandout3350d ago

I know yeah! I was starting to think there would be no friggin reviews whatsoever, but yay a 9.0 that's a good score =]

gravemaker3350d ago

this game sucks
already beat it

WildArmed3350d ago

I respect you opinion and all.. but I dont think it can 'suck'.
It might not be the best, but definitely one of the better games of 09..
Considering section 8, wet, saw,Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes.. now those games are border lining suck and decent lol

Cyan83133350d ago

If it sucked would he have finished it ? No...

jeseth3349d ago

Then he would have. I play crappy games way more than they warrant just because I like collecting trophies.

Back on topic, I'm surprised this game got a 9. When you compare it to other games that recieve 9's, Brutal Legend looks more like a rental than a game that is very memorable. I was going to give it a spin but Uncharted 2, Demons Souls, Ratchet & Clank ACIT, Modern Warfare 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and Dragons Age : Origins are on my list above Brutal Legend. Maybe I'll put it on my X-Mas list or it will come down in price down the road.

JeepGamer3349d ago

You will notice a quick pattern in people who steal games.

No, I don't call them pirates, I call them thieves.

Almost every single solitary game "sucks" to people who steal games. I guess that's what happens when you have no appreciation for property.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3350d ago

Of course. This game has freaking Jack Black! Instant win right there.

WildArmed3350d ago

yup, i bet nearly all of the gaming community can agree on that.
(although he has got to stop dressing like the brutal dude.. he just looks idiotic)