Cringe Worthy Japanese Gran Turismo PSP Commercial

GT Planet writes: "It's always interesting to see how marketing teams approach international audiences differently, and it looks like Sony's campaign for Gran Turismo PSP is no exception. Here's the Japanese Gran Turismo PSP commercial, showing two pristine classics: a 1969 Corvette Stingray and 1988 Lamborghini Countach swapping paint on Fuji Speedway."

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HarukoHex3351d ago

yep, thats exactly how GT fans play there games. XD smashing into cars to cut the corner.

dirthurts3351d ago

Why are you people obsessing about Forza? Geeze. It has nothing to do with this article. Why bring it up? Are you that insecure about your purchase that you have to constantly bash another consoles and their games? Especially known good games. Forza got great reviews. Are you afraid the "other" consoles are going to have something better?

Get over it and play the game.

Leave the fanboy crap off here, and let us enjoy an article about a GT game without someone dragging Forza into it.

kasasensei3351d ago

Nice and funny post, HarukoHex. :)

Sarcasm3351d ago


I'm still enjoying the game though despite the average reviews. Feels like car pokemon to me, I'm buying all the cars I can. Then race them, and buy some more cars. If you can really transfer these cars to GT5, I'd already have over 300.

Raf1k13351d ago

Apparently it's easier to get cars in GT PSP so if you have it get all your favourite cars and simply transfer them to GT5.

NMC20073351d ago

I always thought GT fans played GT at 20mph.

Sarcasm3351d ago

No, they make a 1600hp Escudo Pikes peak and do a 300mph run.

NMC20073351d ago

Don't mind me, I just mess on sim racers in general, I am more of a arcade racer guy. :)
So I am not only messing with GT.

moe843351d ago

Ahh, Escudo. Oh how I miss thee.

Where else are you going to find a pair of supercharged, twin turbo v6's on one chassis...

I miss GT2

Close_Second3351d ago another example of those who make a living from reviewing games getting it wrong...and I almost believed them.

GT:PSP is hands down the best portable racing game in history. Its as simple as that.

mastiffchild3351d ago

I think that's a fair comment. As it was GT they expected too much and as a result a PSP ame ended up judged like one for a home console-hardly fair is it?

If the reviews had been more in keeping with what other racers on PSP and DS offer then I really don't see how GTPSP could have scored how it did-for a PSP game it looks AMAZING, there's tons of tracks, cars,modes and all round content and the racing's also better than most full console games(minus a few things they didn't have the power for)manage even now.

So while Arctic Edge is a great arcade experience(imo-was good even 8 months ago when I first manaed to wrangle a shot)on PSP it doesn't even approach the depth of GTPSP-I relly can';t think what does if I'm being really frank with you either.

It aint a ten/ten game by any means but taking the hardware into account anything less than a 9/10 seems very tight when other lesser games have got similar scores AND better reviews. Also very glad I stuck by GT and not the reviewers myself.

Xulfxulf3351d ago

there was a foreign man screaming at me. just now. *unhappy*

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