Truck Racing Released for Free

Game Seed and Renault Trucks have announced the free release of their realistic racing game Truck Racing, now available for download. The dev claims through it's accessibility and ultra realistic driving, the title "asserts itself as the most exciting truck racing game ever made."

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jhooty143270d ago

thx i am downloading :)

Muckbeast3270d ago

You can't go wrong with free, right?

Gostosa3270d ago

Yeah you can. This game will make you sh*t your draws.

DiffusionE3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Maybe not. The only thing you'd be wasting is your time. So....

Anyway, it's truck racing. I don't think it'll do well if it costs $60 or so.

HarukoHex3270d ago

you want a good online racing game try, project torque. its Free-online racing. some cars are locked but it is still a great game that looks very good.

memots3270d ago

This is actually not bad at all.

The music is crap and annoying but the gameplay is fun.
Just tried it with my G25 and it actually feels good.

Good job and free can't ask for more.

Obviously this looks last gen nothing here to see graphically but fun factor is there.