Play Magazine: Batman Arkham Asylum Review

Play Magazine writes: "Like the films that ushered in the A-list superhero yarn before slipping into a live-action cartoon coma, the Batman video game property is about to undergo a similar transformation with an emphasis on pleasing-wait for it…the fans. Since 8/16-bit era powerhouse Sunsoft put movie games on the map with sterling NES and Genesis versions of Tim Burton's original Batman, the franchise has bounced all over the gaming spectrum–from polished side-scrolling opuses to repellent 3D excess and everywhere in between. With Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady/Eidos/Warner Bros. endeavor to soar beyond all previous movie or game iterations and bring about a Christopher Nolan-style reboot in step with fans that have weathered the storm (clutching their graphic novels) and newcomers looking for more than surface sheen and nipple armor."

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