Rush 'n Attack and Xevious Come to Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday

A rescue mission to remember, "Rush 'n Attack" is a heroic arcade action game, equipped with enhanced graphics, music, and sound effects. Fight through four stages of increasing difficulty to free prisoners of war using a trusty knife along with an array of other weapons from which to choose. Opt to rescue compatriots as a lone soldier, or form a united front with a friend utilizing Xbox LIVE's multiplayer capabilities.


Did you run out of quarters the last time you played Xevious at the arcade? Don't worry, because this Wednesday gamers will have a second chance to take down the nefarious supercomputer GAMP and defeat the Andor Genesis mother ship in "Xevious." Newcomers to this arcade classic that helped pioneer the vertical scrolling shooter genre can also experience it for the first time on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday

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InMyOpinion4225d ago

Russian Att...oh...I mean Rush 'n Attack is one hard game to complete. Good multiplayer.

kamakazi4225d ago

i thought this would be out on the Wii, oh well ill just get it from LIVE. i barely rememeber this game, but i still want to give it another go.

headblackman4225d ago

more garbage on my xboxlive. were are the good games at. i thought that when they released street fighter 2 hyper fighting and ultimate mortal kombat that xbox live was going to keep giving us good games that will accually hold our attention like killer instinct,dark stalkers,virtua fighter,dead or alive,samuria showdown,and much much more but i guess im only dreaming :( and to the microsoft officials that may be reading this site and these msg pleasestep it up a bit. when we asked for old school we didnt mean ancient atleast try and keep the games in the 90's

giovonni4225d ago

You're not from the arcade era are you? Rush n attack is by far one of the hardest games on the planet. Xevious, was a great game and is a classic also. These games should not be ignored. The Xbox live has it's share of 90's classics TMNT arcade game, castlevin, Doom, Street fighter, Mortal Kombat III. The Xbox has it's share of diverse games for every one, not just for the Ninety lovers.

Dick Jones4225d ago

I wish there was an button option to flush all the poop that is on the marketplace, so it sends a message to microsoft and clears up the space.

mcintosh2334225d ago

arcade needs to get its act together this is another pile to add to the list.

i want either decent classic masterpieces
fresh original ip's with unique concepts and raw imagination

not every last game that is gonna be cheap as chips to license cos it blows so bad

if they are gonna throw out stuff like this i at least want it in a like spectrum classics (or whatever console it was) where you get like 10 games for a fiver

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