Amazon Slashes PSPgo Price

Gamervision writes:
"In what might be a response to lackluster sales, Amazon has taken the initiative and cut $5 off the go's price, marking it down to $244.99."

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iheartdestr0y3351d ago

$5 is hardly a "slash," but still, weird.

deadreckoning6663351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

5 bucks....5 BUCKS! Ud thk Amazon would make it like $229.99 or somethg.
I want this really bad for the Skype and the looks, but its just too expensive. My friend already has one and its the most attractive device ive ever seen next to the iphone..maybe better actually.

I heard a rumor that Sony ill launch an 8gb version for 200 bucks. This makes alot of sense.

RAZORLAND3351d ago

who approved this story? NEXT!

Seraphim3351d ago

it is hardly a slash...

but it's not weird. Amazon is constantly knocking a few bucks off items. Any little thing to push consumers to buy and save a few bucks. And depending on stock you can see any product change a few bucks up or down any given day...

talltony3351d ago

Please, amazon pretty much does that with every video game before it's even released. Lackluster sales? I think not.

zane_78493351d ago

"In what might be a response to lackluster sales, Amoco gas stations slashed there gas prices from $2.80 to $2.79. This surely spells doom and glower for all Amoco employees, relatives, and well-wishers."

Honestly people will grab at anything to try to tear Sony down, get a life you trash journalist.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3350d ago

How is $5 "slashed"? I was expecting $25 or $50 but $5 is more like a chip.

sunil3350d ago

they always do this $5 or $3 off on most things

evrfighter3350d ago

oh boy oh boy oh boy! a $5 price SLASH. This so totally makes it worth it

Christopher3350d ago

Will $5 be the difference between 'Hell no!' and 'OMG, ordering now!'?

Answer: no....

P.S. Still getting AC White PSP3000 in November, personally.

WenisWagon3350d ago

Time for the bargain bin. That was fast.

Sarcasm3350d ago

Wow, doesn't this website realize that amazon usually sells everything cheaper.

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Ron_Burgundy3351d ago

that record belongs to ODST

v1c1ous3351d ago

that PSPgo sales were phenomenal!

n4gn4gn4gn4g3351d ago

the $5 is out of Amazon's pocket not SONY's. Take a look at the 'also bought list'...those are pure profit makers and if Amazon can take a $5 hit to sell a few more cradles and pouches they're making more than they would otherwise.

It is also more profitable (at least in the short term) for them to sell a go than a 3000.

Blaine3351d ago

Good comment.

And this article is pure bullsh!t. I'm really tired of these biased f*ing articles all over the internet that are just negative OPINIONS trying to be passed off as facts.

To the author of the article: the PSP Go has a point: PORTABILITY. That's why there's no UMD drive and why it relies on digital distribution. And the fact that you can't transfer your UMDs is not a negative thing IF YOU DON'T OWN UMDs to begin with. Any retard would realize that.

One last thing: where the hell is the author getting his sales numbers from? His ass, most likely, because as far as I know the sales of the Go have not been "lackluster".

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drewboy7043351d ago

Wow. Now theres only a $75 difference betweeen the 3000 and the Go. Makes it all the more tempting. I'll stick with my DS and get an Ipod touch thank u very much.

Keith Olbermann3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

DS= kids device
ipod or iphone= crap games.
Thank you very much.

raztad3351d ago

Grown up people with a DS, and no kids around, look really really bad.

DS + iPod touch much more expensive than PSP Go.

vigilante_man3350d ago

My PSP 2000 is one of the best gadgets I've ever bought at a neat price (£130).

Awesome graphics that still blow me away today. UMD movies as good as dvd on a small screen.

Brilliant games that are FUN - Loco, GOW, Resistance, Daxter, etc. with some amazing games to come (GT, Motorstorm, LBP, Assassins, MGS..).

And bought 8GB card for £10 on Amazon. All that for £140!

When all this is so good and cheap - Why Sony, why bring out a very similar but so expensive upgrade that has smaller screen, no UMD, no USB for charging-PS3 connection-camera-GPS for £230?

SOLUTION: 32GB & in-built camera (5mega-pixel, not 1.3) and charge £180 in time for xmas and I would buy one. But for now I'll stick with my small miracle of technological innovation aka PSP 2000!!

Ron_Burgundy3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

yo momma foo!!!

dragon823350d ago

Well since you say it sucks that must mean you own one or you would really have no clue whether it sucks or not. In that case i would gladly take it off your hands. After playing my PSPgo my wife really wants one of her own.

Kyur4ThePain3351d ago

LOL at sensationalist title.

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