An Explanation For Metroid Prime 3's Pointless "Hyper Mode"

Siliconera writes: "If there's two divisions I absolutely adore at Nintendo, it's SPD3 and Retro Studios. Both are extremely talented at what they do, and both are among the few Nintendo divisions that aren't as restricted by what Miyamoto thinks is or isn't cool / acceptable in a game.

Retro have worked on Metroid Prime as everyone knows. SPD3 are in charge of overseeing the majority of the company's overseas or external projects. The group is credited with overseeing games like Punch-out!!, Excitebots, Batallion Wars and others. The head of SPD3, Kensuke Tanabe, is also credited as Producer on the Metroid Prime games."

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EvilTwin3355d ago

On the lowest difficulty level, I can only remember one time when hyper mode was absolutely necessary (some place with multiple winged space pirates). But when I cranked up the difficulty, I found myself using it more often (hyper morph ball rocks).

SupaPlaya3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

a lot of special moves in game are not needed. They are just there as an alternative to either deal more damage, have more variety, or just look cool.

Case in point take Rachet & Clank TOD, there is an attack that makes your enemy just start dancing. You don't really need it to beat your enemies, but it's a fun way.

All the super attacks in SF4 is not necessary either, but it is cool to watch and does more damage.

With that said I personally didn't like the background going black in the hyper mode. It just wasn't a cool effect for me personally. May be make Samus glow in a golden color and slows time as an alternative??

Redempteur3354d ago

It's necessary in high difficulty levels and it's a double edged sword ..since abusing it is deadly ...

I fthink the found the right amount of power Vs risks. And i enjoyed it very much

kesvalk3355d ago

this guy fails... go play on hyper dificulty and then you can say something!

picoso363355d ago (Edited 3355d ago )

is the slowest most boring thing ever. it was the wii at max power... sorry, its just true. its considered the best nintendo had to offer. the much ballyhood Conduit sux sak. the only great game on the wii is madworld. and for u mario galaxy lovers, ratchet and clank did all that way before on an earlier generation... wii is the biggest waste of money ever. sav it for the old folks home. they like it after a nice prune whip breakfast.

hatchimatchi3354d ago

lol @ prune whip breakfast

NecrumSlavery3354d ago

I enjoyed this game a lot. Hyper mode was used for all the boss fights. But another a-hole complaining.