PlanetSide Sequel Named: PlanetSide Next

Gaming Union writes "We already knew that Sony Online Entertainment was working on a sequel to PlanetSide. However, up until this point, there was no confirmed name for the title. Sony have decided to break the silence and announce that the next game in the PlanetSide franchise will be called, PlanetSide Next."

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mephman3349d ago

This game could be pretty epic!

erathaol3349d ago

Right! It could be like the next planetside.

Kyll3349d ago

can't say I've ever heard of it, but the name is interesting

mikeslemonade3349d ago

My computer gamer friend says that all he played during highschool was the original Planet Side.

BlackIceJoe3349d ago

It is nice to hear what the game will be called. I can't wait to play this. I also wonder what the chances of PlanetSide Next are coming out on the PS3.

Bereaver3349d ago

I loved PlanetSide (after I leveled up).

It was so fun to pick what you wanted to do and the world was so vast.

I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have it, but my friend did (for the 30 day free trial) because he didn't like it so much, I guess he got tired of being pwned because he was at a low level.

Anyway, if they build off the concept, it "will" be epic.

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