Forza 3 Gameplay Ford Focus RS Rally Di Positano

Forza 3, first movement now comes into play. On display is a Ford Focus RS on a section of the total turn up more than 12 kilometers long rally Tue Postiano.

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jromao3348d ago

Not realistic, even last second in this video shows a idiotic crash, little better than Forza 2 but still far from polished game.

Shadow Flare3348d ago

I tell you what its like; ....its sort of like real life racing, but a really, really rubbish version of it

heihoosilver3347d ago

jealous indeed, but what we can expect from a guy, #1 , that is fan of a mediocre footbal club ( Sporting Clube de Portugal)? It´s gonna be funny if GT5 have worst reviews than FM3, it´s gonna be a massacre.

MaximusPrime3347d ago

so its a copy of Forza 2.

no improvement on colors, no improvement on tracks.

Stay with Forza 2 or you will regret spending on a duplicate, known as Forza 3

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Ron_Burgundy3348d ago

I pressed HD, but it said not possible on the pissbox 480i

CaptainAmerica3347d ago

not possible on your AOL connection