PSX Exterme: Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "I like tennis. I've played it for over 15 years. Therefore, when a new tennis game shows up on the horizon, I take a vested interest in its production, and that surely includes Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip for the PSP. Scheduled to release in February, this should be a fun, perhaps surprisingly realistic tennis title that could have widespread appeal. I keep thinking about the popular Hot Shots Golf franchise that is always far more authentic and realistic than people believe, but the Hot Shots Tennis installment on the PS2 didn't display the same attention to detail. It was just designed to be entertaining for all ages, so maybe that's exactly what we should expect from this handheld iteration. At the very least, we should get all sorts of character customization and unlockable goodies, and the colorful, vibrant palette is pleasing to the eye. The only question is this: is it meaty enough to warrant a purchase?"

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