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Submitted by hitthegspot 2242d ago | video

PSPgo hacked, proof of concept video released

Yep, you read that right folks. Mere days after its launch and somebody's already hacked the PSP Go. Hold your horses, though! There are a few caveats.

The one responsible for this hack is FreePlay, who you may know for his work on the Sparta SDK and his recent run-ins with Team Mack. Before you go out an buy a Go thinking it's wide open to homebrew, there are a few disclaimers from the dev. (PSP)

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Blaze929  +   2242d ago
Well a small leap still leads to a giant leap. Hopefully they will be able to get CFW running on the Go then I'll immediately go out and buy one. Otherwise, I'm still perfectly fine with my PSP-1000
N4G king  +   2242d ago
well .... at least Sony tried to support the industry by stopping piracy
same with the PS3
im sure they'll get it right next time
cryymoar  +   2242d ago
As a hacker, you'd think this guy would be able to edit the video to conceal the identity of the game he's playing rather than keep moving the camera and muting the sound on the PSP.

Why not just go the extra mile and download a pirated Sony Vegas and just edit what you don't want to be in the video?
FrankDrebin  +   2242d ago
If Sony does ...
provide a way for gamers to put their old UMD based games on the PSPgo you better believe that everyone will begin hacking the crap out of this thing!

Sony should learn, if you screw gamers they will screw you!
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ThanatosDMC  +   2241d ago
This is nothing though since the same was done for the 3000 but was never fully cracked like the 1000s and the limited edition 2000s. So, we'll see how far people could get without Dark Alex.
SoapShoes  +   2242d ago
We don't need more hacked PSPs. Hacking and piracy has already ruined it. There could be so many better games on PSP if it wasn't for the rampant piracy. Prices would probably be lower.

I'll bet piracy is the reason why Capcom decided to no do a portable Devil May Cry. They said it was in the works and then it was canceled. Luckily we got God of War though.

I used to have homebrew on my 1000 and aside from emulators(which lose their novelty quick) it all sucked. The apps were designed poorly and just looked like ass. That may be different today, but I doubt any app creators have designers to make them look nice.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2242d ago
Games (piracy) aside, which is what most people think CFWs are all about with the PSP, if it weren't for the CFW support I wouldnt even own a PSP, it's the sole reason I bought one.

Sure a lot of people use it for downloading games, but not all, and CFWs have a huge variety of uses. Also, PSP piracy is relatively small when compared to something like the DS as it requires know how to achieve, it certainly isnt "rampant". I dont believe it would stop many developers porting their games to the PSP if they wanted to.

BTW, the use of emulators and ROMs is also piracy.
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WaR_HaWk  +   2242d ago
Marceles  +   2242d ago
only bad thing is there's no 1.5 kernal for hacking the PSP go, so you're still restricted to play only PSPgo games on it. I mostly play PS1 games on mine
SoapShoes  +   2242d ago
I never said CFW was solely for piracy, but hacking leads to piracy. I don't think the few that don't pirate on CFW justifies hacking all PSPs for it. Especially with the tons of lowbudget-looking crap for homebrew they have out there.

There are tons of people like you on the net or others here that say CFW is the only reason they have a PSP. Most of them pirate so that proves to me that gamers with PSPs pirate. Maybe casual gamers that aren't very knowledgeable don't pirate, but I'd say the a lot of hardcore gamers do.
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mrv321  +   2242d ago
Won't be long now, I don't agree with piracy most of the time but some of the things they do are amazing.
LiquifiedArt  +   2242d ago
NO offense to the kiddy pirates
But what they seem to NOT UNDERSTAND, is by doing this complete stupidity to say "HA HA I'm the UBER hacker HA."

Your going to get the rest of civilation to a place where DRMs and "renting" day (cough) streaming (cough) from a cloud become the norm.

If you don't see this trend of this coming then you aren't looking too deeply into technology, but whatever. Keep driving technology to the cloud where only a few men are required to control your data.

dragon82  +   2242d ago
Why don't we just completely destroy the PSP??? This is getting ridiculous. You people wonder why the gaming industry is hurting. Its people like you who hack their systems.
hitthegspot  +   2242d ago
It could be related to the economy though...
Christopher  +   2242d ago
1. Old news.

2. This is essentially the same as using a flash drive to store data. The most you can do with this is run a screen saver like file. You can't interact with it other than exiting the program being run and you can't access anything useful, specifically the modification of firmware elements required for a true hack.

3. Technically, it's not a hack. It puts files onto a system in a manner that is programmed into the system. All you're doing is modifying what files are placed and where. The PSP is designed to allow programs and their files to be installed onto the flash drive and it allows certain video file elements to be run as screen savers.

4. While, yes, you could move files from one PSP to another using this method, it won't allow for the security features that make each installation specific to its location (PSP or PS3). As anyone who's try can attest to, trying to just restore specific files to a different PS3 won't work, the same is true from one PSP to another.
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ace666   2242d ago | Spam
maniacmayhem  +   2242d ago
It only does everything.

(just like my 1000)
firelogic  +   2242d ago
OLD news is old
This was posted on this very site a few days after the launch of the Go. This is not news.
Close_Second  +   2242d ago
I really wish there was some way...
...for Sony to detect if a pirate copy of a game was being played on the PSP and block it or even brick the PSP. I don't care if people put homebrew on their PSP but most people only do it to steal games.

I definitely believe that all access to PSN and on-line gaming should be blocked to modded PSPs.
Darkseider  +   2242d ago
This is OLD
The PSP Go has not been hacked for the umteenth time. It is an existing exploit using a corrupted game save file. The PSP Go cannot run homebrew nor can Custom Firmware be flashed temporarily or permanently on the unit because Flash 0 has been locked out.
caffman  +   2241d ago
I'll just stick
with my CFW 2000 thanks
Lykon  +   2241d ago
does it matter?
Hacking tools etc can be aquired with a little time and patience for most systems, but for me time is money, I can't be bothered to hack and every other gamer I know is the same. I met one girl once who had hacked her DS but she didn't have the time to play all the hacked games anyway. Leave hackers be , they are just obsessive cleptomaniacs and to some extent hobbyists who enjoy exploring the hardware and modding. If they get a thrill out of it fine, but for ordinary people it's a headache and not why they brought whichever console in the first place.

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