PEOWW: Dead Space: Extraction Review

PEOWW writes: "Yes, it has been said before how well suited the Wii is to Rail Shooters but it's still not a genre that has fully been exploited on the console. Past games (actually the ONLY ones I could think of) range from the blaverage – Link's Crossbow Training, to the atmospheric – Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, to the whorey fun – House of the Dead: Overkill. Dead Space Extraction (DSE) steps forward, not trying to best 2008's Dead Space but rather showing a different side to the events on and around the USG Ishimura."

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hatchimatchi3326d ago

i think 9/10 is a bit high for this game. I've owned it for less than 10 hours and i'm already on chapter 7, i think there's 10 chapters in the game? It's pretty mindless to be honest. The story is intriguing but the game is so shaky and it's honestly not that much fun to play. Mainly because the original dead space is such a better game/experience. This game is alright. I'd give it a 7.5.

I still say umbrella chronicles is the best rails shooter on the wii, and i really don't see how extraction is very different from UC. Some people are making extraction out to be this genre bending game but it's just an on rails shooter, plain and simple. Sure it's story driven but so is UC and even House of the dead (even though the story is crap).