The Bender Podcast – PSPgo away, DJ Hero and IGN in bed together, and more

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Binge Gamer will be at GameX!


-Bloggers Have to Disclose Free Products
-Left 4 Dead 2 Resubmitted to Australian Ratings Board, Not Left 4 Dead 2
-Activision Kills Shaba Games
-Conservative Publication Condemns Modern Warfare 2 for Striking Imagery
-Activision Fought Moden Warfare Idea Kicking and Screaming
-Rumor Has It that Medal of Honor is Going Modern
-UK Retail Giant sez... PSPgo will Fail. Miserably.
-PSPgo a Tremendous Success... For PSP-3000
-Fake PSPgo is More Useful than Real PSPgo
-PSPgo vs PSP-3000 vs DSi
-Forza 3 to have Launch Day DLC
-Also, Forza 3 is the "Only Racing Sim" Shipping This Console Generation
-Alpha Protocol Officially Delayed, JW weeps.
-U2 < Led Zepplin: Wants to Be in Music Games
-IGN has gone mad
-... no.. seriously

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