MGU Review: Extra-Spatials

MGU writes: "You begin the game with a rather epic storyline, a big bang occurred in space, through with Daivas (spiritual aliens) appeared. A war breaks out between themselves and mankind, which they are initially losing. They plan to change their destiny by any means possible.

Commander Meemo of the UN, along with his team are sent to Morocco to investigate some strange goings on. Unknown to the Commander, this investigation will actually prove to be more crucial to the survival of mankind than could have possibly been imagined.

You play as Meemo and are charged with exploring various maze-like levels, eliminating any enemies you come across, as well as uncovering any objects along the way. In this very detailed 3D game you do get totally immersed with the graphically enhanced corridors and walls. The objects you come across, such as ammo, health packs, oil lamps and embryo's (you'll understand the reasons behind these more if you play), are a little less graphically advanced, but at least they are quite visible to see from a distance."

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