MGU Review: Micro Counter Strike

MGU writes: "If you enjoy playing first person shooters then there's only one thing I should say to you...Micro Counter Strike.

This game is a shrunken down version of the classic PC game Counter Strike. Although some games of this type are more engaging with a really deep plot and lots of twists and turns, this game is far more straightforward. Your mission is simple, you play a Special Forces agent whose challenge is to search different maps and eliminate any terrorists you find.

In truth, the terrorists will generally find you and have an uncanny ability to shoot you at great distance. Fortunately they're not the smartest of opponents and do tend to run straight towards your position, so as long as you're able to shoot faster and more accurately than your opponent, you'll win the duel. The advantage that the opposition have on you is that there's only one of you and normally three or more of them."

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