MGU Review: LEGO BIONICLE Challenge

MGU writes: "Everyone's heard of Lego and for those of you who have been building an empire from plastic blocks and block-like creatures more recently, you'll probably know a thing or two of the Bionicle series.

Regardless of how much you know, you'll be able to get stuck right into the game, Lego Bionicle Challenge. If you enjoy racing challenges you really will enjoy this latest edition of the Lego franchise.

You have a choice of three various Bionicle creatures to choose from, which all have slightly different attributes (armour, speed and weapon) for you to use to your advantage. Although this is a race it's not a question of being the fastest and beating the clock, it's more like a question of survival. You are up against two other machines with one thing on their electronic mind, winning!

Unlike many other racing games, you're equipped with a weapon that can make the difference between first and last. As opposed to using your skill to go around the opposition on the track, you can simply take aim and fire and ram them out of the way - which, let's face it, is much more entertaining!"

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