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Those used to PC gaming will probably love this game despite its flaws, however those more used to console based shooters will no doubt get frustrated and despise its flaws because of this.

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Pandamobile3326d ago

"Will be enjoyed more by the PC crowd, console gamers may get frustrated at its harshness."

Lol :)

morganfell3326d ago

I have ran in this game more than 5 other run and gun shooters put together. The idea this would be tactical has turned into a 'running joke'.

The game is quite linear. Instead of corridors, far to many missions give you very little time to get from point A to point B. This means free roam goes in the toilet. Good job Codemasters. Build an open world and then set up constraints that make it impossible to use that world.

I started out with a good impression for the first two missions but that rapidly went to hell.