Direct-Feed Dust 514: Killzone on 360, Halo on PS3?

The first direct-feed trailer of CCP's Dust 514 is in and my where have we seen this before?

Never heard of Dust 514? Well it's time to put the game onto your radar.

Coming to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Dust 514 is a console first-person shooter that will share the same sci-fi universe as the MMO EVE Online.

After being in development for three years, the game takes shape as a massive multiplayer strategic FPS.

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Sunny_D3354d ago

Impossible, the 360 wouldn't be able to handle such an amazing game like Killzone 2, it would just blow up. They would have to downgrade it, and add the "super jump to the moon" button! While Halo on the Ps3 would get much improved HD resolution, nex gen graphics, and still no one would buy it, because Halo is a noob friendly game unlike Ps3 owners.

YoungKiller253353d ago

dude not everyone who owns a PS3 is a fanboy,
halo is a great series just like COD is.

deadreckoning6663353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

@YoungKiller- LOL, PS3 fanboys don't understand the meaning of enjoying more than one console. Having a preference is one thing, having an inner desire for a gaming console to fail is quite another thing entirely.

Halo is a GREAT series, want proof, look at the hours people spend on it online.

Modern Warfare is a great franchise, want proof, its the MOST played online game between the PS3 and 360.

Bring on the disagrees! It won't mean jack sh!t. These games WILL continue to be successful whether u guys like it or not. Now stay in the open zone and keep pretending Modern Warfare and Halo don't exist!

@Bereaver, I wouldn't buy ODST either, but if Halo Reach came to the PS3, id be all over it!

Bereaver3353d ago

Hell, everyone knows I prefer my ps3.

But I won't dis Halo completely. ODST, I dis, just because it really shouldn't have been so much, but Halo itself, no.

I would buy Halo if it came to the ps3. Free online baby.
Ohh yeah, and hopefully, they could use an exclusive engine on it. I would LOL at halo using the ND engine lol.

ambientFLIER3353d ago

You can play Halo for free on the Xbox too. It's one of the games that allows silver members to play matchmaking.

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Sunny_D3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

Around at 32 seconds for the first vid, it reminded me of Vekta Crusier for Killzone 2.

50 seconds, reminds me of the first few levels on Killzone 2.

Boo, the demo looks boring and plain compared to the trailer.

deadreckoning6663353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

To all the people who say a game like KZ2 can't be done on 360:

I STRONGLY suggest you check out Brink. It's basically Killzone 2, but more colorful

Edit: Personally, I thought the scale of the game was great. Just goes to show what developers can do on BOTH consoles when they put the time and effort into it. KZ2 DOES look noticibly better, but this game isn't even finished yet and from what I can see, it looks pretty damn close to KZ2(80% IMO), the trailer I mean.

@Knave- All I said was to check it out. Brink isn't even finished yet, but I'm sure you see the

Yep, art style, thats what I meant :) We'll see how it looks when it comes out. HHG and Torrence from the TheBitBag saw the game running and said it looked just as good as Killzone 2. I don't thk they have anythg to gain from lying since most of u guys don't give em' hits regardless.

poopsack3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

right... i respectfully and strongly disagree

Edit: all i mean is how its "basically" Killzone 2, i dont really see that, although there is some resemblance in art style.

Major_Tom3353d ago

Brink seems to have potential.

evrfighter3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

360 fans didn't really miss out with killzone 2 tbh...I'm about to trade mine in. Halo's always been mediocre to me.

SixZeroFour3353d ago

agreed...the cinematic/gameplay of the first video looked promisin, but the 2 other vids of the demo seemed pretty boring...tall buildings, long walkways and a whole lot of nothing. the person playing didnt like to use the scope, did he? and he did a lot of random burst fires at

techie3353d ago

Brink has the same technical PS3 genius that worked on Heavenly Sword bringing 4xAA, 8xAF and HDR. That's why the game looks so good - they know how to use PS3.

thewhoopimen3353d ago

Brink's bright colors remind me more of uncharted2 than killzone2. I don't think the lighting is in the same league though than either title though.

STONEY43352d ago


Didn't you hear that the demo they showed of Brink was running on a PC and being played on a 360 controller?

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Obama3354d ago

Only 1 problem, 360 can't handle killzone 2.

Ron_Burgundy3353d ago

Killzone is not possible on the bolognabox 360, Halo is possible on PS3 though, more than possible

but who would want a green ranger on the BEAST PS3 anyway?

Elvfam5113353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

Had a baby in the first video Holy sh!t

The Game play videos looks horrible i wish it was direct feed

Godmars2903353d ago

All it was missing is "bugs."

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