NextGN: MAG Beta Impressions

NextGN: "Technically, the game feels like what you would expect from the Beta. My biggest gripe was the grenade physics, they feel clunky and their bounce effects are very strange, but aside from that, the controls feel incredibly intuitive and smooth, even though the weapons feel somewhat light. Keeping in mind this is only a Beta, I can see myself playing this a lot when it launches. Once you begin to understand the intricacies of the title, MAG becomes a pleasure to play, and I can safely say this is one of the best Betas I have been a part of. Keep your eyes on this game!"

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randomwiz3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

it feels like the best game in the world when you win, or have a squad the cooperates

it feels like the worst game in the world when you lose.(no really, when you lose, you REALLY hate the game, you blame your squad for being idiots, and it feels so bad, worse than losing a match in say cod4 or something. People get REALLY angry when they lose in this game)

gameplay wise, its nice, shooting feels solid. equipment upgrades, skill upgrades, etc are really well thought out. Now that I think about it, I only hate this game when I lose a match.

Ravage273353d ago

there will be people screaming over the mike. I'm fine with that though, strangely, maybe 'cause most players wants the team to win badly and i like that.

Gameplay and graphics-wise , MAG really shocked me. I wasn't expecting this level of gfx for a 256 player game, and i certainly didn't expect the customization to be so deep. Control layouts could be improved i guess, but i understand that there are many command options that req. buttons of their own.

Spike473353d ago

the impressions haven't been so positive, and since knowing the biased media, if Zipper doesn't deliver, they'll be in for a rough year with MAG.

spektical3353d ago

what part of beta dont you get? the game is awesome and it will be even more awesome when its all said and done.

Eagle9163353d ago

But wtf is going on, i finish downloading, installing and installing the the update but when i try to start it says "insufficient disk space". i've deleted a few demos and the same messenge still appears. do i have to wait until tomorrow to play this?

ajkla923352d ago

the high tech European fighting force of SVER, or the brutal veterans from Eastern Europe, Raven.

Its supposed to be: the high tech European fighting force of Raven, or the brutal veterans from Eastern Europe, SVER.