Gamespy: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Review

Arctic Edge may be a relatively intense racer, but its controls are deceptively simple to learn. The only buttons I really needed to think about were my accelerator, my brake, and my "boost" ability (which recharges over time, and can be abused to the point where the car breaks). But the simple interface is actually perfect for what Arctic Edge asks of the player, as the incredible speed and forward momentum of your vehicle -- combined with courses that feature an abundance of tight turns and abrupt walls -- creates an experience that demands attention and rewards skill. Sure, I might not be managing a bunch of gears as I go into an absurd turn, but it's nonetheless rewarding to pull off a line that shaves seconds off my time and bests the competition.

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Keith Olbermann3348d ago

a 3.5 is not a fair score for this game. The online multiplayer is awesome. You can customize your cars and take photos of crashes. As far as handhelds go, this one is one of the best and I was not a racing fan until I played this. 3.5 is not a fair shake.

table3347d ago

yet another example of PSP games getting judged harshly. You can't possibly expect its games to be current gen standard and I believe some reviewers ignore this fact.

ajay_solidsnake3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

^^^^^same here....
This is probably the best handheld racing game in the market.

Milky3347d ago

Definitely the best handheld racer I have ever played. Holds up very well to the PS3 versions.

Karum3347d ago

This and GT PSP are fantastic additions to my PSP collection.

Don't care about review scores myself but I know devs like to see their games well received with scores so it'd be nice to see it getting the scores that I think it deserves, just for the benefit of the devs.