411Mania Review: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

On the face of it, Muramasa is a very simple game. As I am the world's stingiest man I played the game using a Game Cube controller (no point wasting batteries!), which turned out to be a good decision. I don't get along with the nunchuk and I won't by a classic controller, so that seemed the best way to go. The A button is used for you attack, and holding it blocks. The X button uses your currently-equipped item and Y unleashes a special attack. You can switch between your equipped swords (which becomes very useful) by pulling the L trigger. As you progress through the first few battles though, you quickly realise that all those attacks you learned in the tutorial (you DID play through the tutorial, right?) are going to come in VERY handy. Combining presses of A with various directional pushes, you can perform rush attacks, uppercuts, mid-air juggles, downward thrusts and even repel projectile attacks. Switching blades once the right gauge is full will unleash a screen-wide attack that is essential in clearing you some space in larger fights.

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