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Submitted by sub85 2317d ago | screenshot

Forza 3 vs Forza 2: Another Screenshot Check, Nissan 350Z & Porsche 911 Turbo

In that screenshot check Videogameszone compared the graphics between Forza 3 and Forza 2. The comparison features the Nissan 350Z and Porsche 911 Turbo. (Forza Motorsport 2, Forza Motorsport 3, Xbox 360)

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Bereaver  +   2317d ago
Sigh.... this isn't looking any better....

Pathetic. Turn 10 shouldn't have ever opened there mouths, look at what rage it caused.
Bereaver  +   2317d ago
To those of you disagreeing.

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poindat  +   2317d ago
The first screenshot I looked at....
I guessed which one was Forza 3 and which one was Forza 2... I was wrong. The fact that I thought F3 was F2 is just plain sad (and for the game, not me).

Note to Turn 10: If you're going to run your mouths day and night about this game, at least deliver on what you are saying. Because as it stands, this is just pathetic.
radzy  +   2317d ago
the linked site is a disgrace, and very childish ans is using trickery. GO PLAY THE DEMO , and then come back and tell us if its the same.
All my friends and i after playing the demo all agreed it looks waaaaaay better than forza 2 and we cant wait for the release. forza 2 looks like a pile of shiiit compared to forza 3.
forza 3 is so polished , that its not funny, no screen tearing , no anti-aliasing problems, etc......

ambientFLIER  +   2317d ago

There is a big difference on screen, which does not always translate to tiny screenshots.
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Natsu X FairyTail  +   2317d ago
Forza3 looks better. Offers more.

best sim racer out for 09.
Bereaver   2317d ago | Spam
GWAVE  +   2317d ago
Surprise surprise. They pulled a "Gears of War 2" with Forza 3, also.

- pretty much the same graphics
- pretty much the same game

Yet the media touts it as NEW, INNOVATIVE, TEH BEST EVARRR!

@ poindat

I wasn't disagreeing with the "best racing sim of 09", considering that it's really the ONLY racing sim of '09, so that's not too hard to accomplish. I was disagreeing with "Forza 3 looks better. Offers more", since that's a stretch of the truth.
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GameOn  +   2317d ago
Bereaver that was verging on offensive, if you're going to speak like that maybe you should just stick to the open zone.

I agree with Natsu, Forza 3 is the best sim racer this YEAR.
poindat  +   2317d ago
@1.1 and 1.2
Uh, guys... He's right. Name one console sim racer that released/releases this year that can beat Forza 3... I can't think of any.

@GWAVE above me: No, it was not the only racing sim released this year. I do agree with you in many (most) aspects, but considering that my position on Forza should be known, and bashing it any more would be redundant, I decided to leave such things out of my comment. :D
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Natsu X FairyTail   2317d ago | Spam
Boody-Bandit  +   2317d ago
In these comparison screen shots Forza 3 does NOT look better. If anything I prefer the lighting more in Forza 2 in quite a few of those comparison pictures. I really hope this site hosting these pics are trying to make Forza 3 look worse than they actually are because if not I am really disappointed with what I am seeing.

The only differences I see is Forza 3 looks darker, has slightly more detail and better AA. So What happened to this all new graphical engine Turn 10 lead us to believe? It definitely isn't showing in these pictures.
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tucky  +   2317d ago
Not much differences if you take same tracks and cars
It was exactly the same a few years ago with Gran Turismo 3 and 4: same tracks and cars were pretty much the same. Anyway, when playing these games the 4 was much better than its predescessor.
It's exactly the same with Forza 3 ... If you played the demo you know what I mean.
iamgoatman  +   2317d ago

Forza 2's lighting was NOT superior. If you had played the game you'd know that the lighting was far too harsh, if your car hit direct sunlight you'd have a hard time making out details amongst the glare, it would end up looking like your were driving a glowing pope-mobile.

But oh well, having people make an assessment based on experience with the game is a bit much to ask here. One look at a screenshot and the verdict is final, no more questions your honour.
Oner  +   2317d ago
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Zeevious  +   2317d ago
This YEAR . . . Really? You guys are gamers? The best racer released THIS YEAR?
What about last year...or TWO years ago...because it looks like I've been playing Forza 3 for TWO YEARS -- When it was released as FORZA 2!

I feel VERY lied to by Turn 10, and after all their claims of graphic improvements there is NOTHING that supports that in any gameplay I've seen yet.

Tell me...why should I give Turn 10 another $60 for THE SAME GAME?

Please...DON'T BELIEVE ME...believe the reviews of BOTH GAMES!
Forza 2 :
Forza 3 :

They are the SAME!

I am personally furious with Turn 10...having waited for months for this title, believing the fake shots they showed me, the fake claims of car details, incredible graphics, gameplay and I believed it all.

No developer would just flat-out LIE to me...RIGHT?
Microsoft's own studio wouldn't flat-out LIE to me...RIGHT?

"Turn 10 on Forza 3: 'No game competes with us'" (just any 360 racing game competitor???)
"Turn 10: Forza Motorsport 3 to push the 360 in terms of both visuals and performance." (where???)
"Turn 10 -- Dan Greenawalt: 'it would be difficult for any other racing game to do this'" (Forza 2 did)
"Turn 10 -- Dan Greenawalt: 'Forza 2 had great physics and okay graphics. Now Forza 3 has great physics and great graphics'" (MENU graphics...great MENU/Photomode graphics!)

What gamer LIKES being intentionally mislead and lied to?

Whoever is interested in this game...Why buy it? RENT IT.
Don't give Turn 10 anything more than $10...because that's all Forza 2 costs! $10 . . . For the SAME DAMN GAME!

Buy Forza 2 - Do it for Turn $10...or invest that $60 in a NEW game.
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Megan Fox  +   2317d ago
Give it a rest people, the game is great, at least that's what reviews are saying. Just let go and move on. buy if you like and if you dont then dnt buy it.
Zeevious  +   2317d ago
You're right! I've seen the liight, and th3e brightness & conjtrast are stunning!
I just don't know why the spineless disagreed..with no arguments of course...because I can see it now!

Turn 10 gave us the holy salvation of non-gaming CGI shots and they are truly worthy!

this game doesn't remind me at all of some other game with a 2 in it.
It's completely different, right down to the road textures!

i swear to you, swearing on my Turn 10 bible that I counted the pixels myself and Three of them...yes Three are different, so it is a different game altogether.

3 - 2 - 1


Yes, it doesn't make me thing of the exact same in-game shots, with the exact same play and the exact same game who's name I really can't recall right now.

F O R Z A 2

Now is that all better great spineless disagreeing cowards with no arguments...hiding behind your mouseclicks?

I hope scurry along little coward...scurry along back to your rock.
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Zeevious  +   2316d ago
Why should anyone give Turn 10 a rest or a break?
I never said the game wasn't great...I said I ALREADY OWN IT : Forza 2-Now $10!

All the lies from Turn 10 have moved this out of my buy category...
into the Rent - Try - Unlikely-Buy one.

What exactly are you asking me and others to ",let go of" ? That Turn 10 lied to gamers like me? Look at it from my point of view:

Turn 10 had 500 screenshots, 400 IN-Game, 100 fake.

They showed, and ONLY showed the 100 FAKE shots and passed them off as what to expect when playing.

Now you are asking me to ignore that and they deserve another $60 when it's THE SAME GAME as Forza 2 at $10?

I have a better about you, and the phantom disagree'ers with no actual arguments get over that you are wrong.

Absolutely wrong...NO DEVELOPER gets a pass for this blatant, intended series of lies about this game...which looks like nothing more than the last Forza...RIGHT DOWN TO THE SAME ROAD & BACKGROUND TEXTURES!

I will tell you one thing we can agree on...I'll save $60 by just adjusting the Brightness & Contrast for Forza 2, myself.

Other than that, can you tell me where exactly can I buy the real Forza 3 -- because I'd swear . . .

&*%@ mother *@*$^%&% f*#%ing &*#%% *&#@$ Turn *#&%@!$ 10

I already own it.


Note: Turn 10 bibles now available. They are pretty much any other bible, but it comes with a nifty "Trust Turn 10" booklight that makes the pages brighter, with more text contrast. That's it.

All kneel & pray for Turn 10, that they may be healed.

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NewZealander  +   2316d ago
forza 3 looks better in motion, after playing the demo you can see how much better it looks, unfortunately it doesn't show all that well in these pictures.
beardpapa  +   2316d ago
what's sorta messed up from these pictures is that it shows the videos back in E3 were pretty much cgi. And yea like above said, the demo plays and looks better than Forza 2. But still, nothing like the E3 vids.
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thesummerofgeorge  +   2316d ago
Using the CAPS LOCK on every other word is annoying, and although i don't think much of Turn 10 or Forza, you're way over the top here, and it's bordering on a fanboyish rant. Comment after long comment telling people not to buy the game, and really just repeating yourself over and over.
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Zeevious  +   2315d ago
George - There are three simple solutions to this . . .
1 - Go ahead and program -- then donate code to add Bold/italic emphasis to the editor & display code for comments.

2 - Realize that there are people who type at a faster rate.

- I type exactly the length needed to get to my very clear point.
- I will neither apologize for that, or ask for forgiveness because you state
- you don't appreciate that level of reading comprehension.

3 - Consider the context (without apology for my emphases) :
- You're coming into a discussion, AFTER it's over!
(my caps emphasis did not, in ANY way match my frustration with Turn 10 lies!)

My first comment was just that ONE comment. The length you may have found tiresome, but it was required to include both context, quotes & links to relevant information.

My second comment was in fact actually the third...after a comment was made stating Turn 10 deserved a break...deserved another $60...deserved...well, blah blah blah.

It doesn't matter because a couple anonymous disagrees showed up, so in the 2 minutes of edit time remaining I wrote the misprelled, sarcastic comment about cowards who disagree because they have nothing else to say but hide behind mouse-clicks & scurry away back to their rocks.

You have a measure of respect for actually making a comment...they don't and never will. I also offer no apology for having a sense of humor that you may not understand or share . . . my humor is simply uniquely mine.

Third, the second comment, I then pasted into a new message...adding the joke about the "Trust Turn 10" bible edition. It is not a repeat of the first, as anyone with the capacity could tell simply by reading it. It does come to the same conclusion, from additional details which is very different from yours.

I COULD TYPE MORE -- But maybe you would listen to someone who has an opinion you know and trust: :
(written with a similar number of words to my own average here)

"This is a place for comments, there's no problem with disagreeing with an article. You're so quick to jump all over it and get all bitter and say the obligatory "here comes the sony defence force" etc...I wasn't angry or fired up when I stated my opinion on the article, I just had my own opinion, who are you to criticize people for commenting on the article? Either share your own opinion on the subject, or don't... but quit being that guy that's all:"oh my god, who cares about this and that blah blah blah, does this really matter blah blah blah..." do you have any thoughts of your own or do you just get upset when others have opinions? YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THE COMMENTS if they get your panties in a knot sweetheart!"

. . . Yourself

Finally, I have sent this to you by private message should you wish to continue the discussion...before you do, I suggest you read my comment history and reconsider who you call a "fanboy" or who's ranting. Turn 10 did the ranting, I merely replied in-kind.

If not...I suggest you use the available tools here to simply ignore reading my comments and any burden of comprehension that may I am now ignoring yours . . . sweetheart.
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thesummerofgeorge  +   2315d ago
That was my opinion, I'm entitled to say I think your comment was a rant, and over the top. Take your own advice if you don;t like it and don't read my comments. Jackass.
Zeevious  +   2306d ago
George - I couldn't help but notice you replied here...So sorry to see that...
Because you're still on ignore for two you're NOT going to get rewarded with the attention you expected, because I haven't read it and am not commenting on the content, but your actions alone:
(been too busy having fun to have even noticed before now)

Apparently replying twice privately...without a reply from me wasn't enough for you to understand the definition of the word IGNORE. Don't worry; since I've not read any of these replies, I really have nothing more to say to you.

YOU however do...and sharing the wisdom of YOUR OWN QUOTE listed above, YOU wrote this just a couple days before your comments here.

Now read it...FROM YOU...TO YOU!

"When in doubt just call everyone a fanboy right? They clearly explained the reasoning behind their opinion, people aren't fanboys just because you disagree. It's just gotten so stale this whole calling everyone a fanboy thing. The real fanboys are usually the ones calling everyone a fanboy, just to insult people, rather than typing a well thought out response. I suggest you wipe that word from your vocabulary, you are equipped to properly use it."

You seem to have an interesting number of rules that apply to me, and everyone else...that you don't follow.

Well, since we've now explained the meaning of the word IGNORE to you...what would the word be for the definition of someone making rules for others they simply don't follow themselves?

I'll let you look that a mirror...while I get back to things that matter.
Nathan123  +   2317d ago
Which one is which? Sorry can't spot much difference.
UltimateIdiot911  +   2317d ago
I honestly had a hard time telling the difference, the only way I figured which is which was by looking at the over glossy look in Forza 2.
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komp  +   2317d ago
Constant stream of comparisons. Is there anyone left here that hasnt already made up their mind.
Jeromejones  +   2317d ago
look at the name of the publisher on the website underneath the comparison pic

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The Creep  +   2317d ago
pics are too small to see the finer detail

@ publisher

for future reference, please post comparissons in hd screens
Jeromejones  +   2317d ago
they are HD screens, below the image there is a link to HD. You may not be able to click it in translate mode, so go on webstite without google translator.
sinncross  +   2317d ago
@ 3 The Creep
There is an HD button underneath the picture, but here are some direct links for you:


poindat  +   2317d ago
You know...
...this is pretty hilarious. I'm keeping a running total of people who comment that "the screens are too small." We're up to 5 or 6, after the last few articles from this website. :D
mrv321  +   2317d ago
Do you think this is the limit of the 360 I mean Forza 3 is on 2 discs and has the same graphics.
Oner  +   2317d ago
The 360 has been at it's limit since easily about 1.5 years ago.
beardpapa  +   2316d ago
@ Oner

maybe they really did purchase designs from IBM *hint hint* and worked from there, without fully knowing what else is capable under the hood. Could explain why they've gone through many revisions and we still see hardware failures til this day. Not saying this is fact btw, just speculation.
Jeromejones  +   2317d ago
wow in some pics forza 2 looks better. The AA in F3 is noticably better though. Theyve darkened the back windows in forza 3, as a performance booster so in car parts arent rendered. It messes up the realism in the image as it sticks out as a sore thumb since its discontinous with the lighting.
mastiffchild  +   2317d ago
Is that true? I wondered why the windows obscured everything in-car on the F3 pics.

There isn't much difference between the two games on this evidence and from most of the F2/3 comparisons this week so maybe the big steps were in the options and the physics, idk.

Certainly not, though, the kind of step up I was expecting IF these are legitimate-as we all know doctored and convenient screen shots have been used by everyone from Epic and GT to fanboys with a grudge.
gamingisnotacrime  +   2317d ago
Turn 10 said the engine was brand new
but they also said they have the best racing sim ever,
see a pattern?
Sarcasm  +   2317d ago
They also said "10x polygons" per car but failed to mention it's only in the car selection menu.
renegade  +   2317d ago
Im right or im Wrong? IN some pics forza 2 looks better?
taylor35  +   2317d ago
hear we go a again,
same car on the same track,photo size 811px × 455px come on
the game isnt going to look alot different is it,you cant change the look of the track or car can you think about it.
take a look a gt1 and gt2 they looked the same,what about gt3 and gt 4
same cars same tracks looks the same.
keep flaming this game which isnt released yet is crazy,
i know that you fanboys just dont want to believe that there's another
top car game on this planet which isnt call grand turismo.

i'm a real racing fanboy i care about the game not the console.
so fanboys get your mother to change your nappy its time you went bed.

N4g what is it like at the bottom.
Oner   2317d ago | Spam
beardpapa  +   2316d ago
sorry buddy, but i think the only reason there are all these talks about the game looking the same, is only because Turn 10 released a bunch of bullshots and cgi videos claiming they were all in-game running in their new engine. Taking note that they also released bullshots for Forza 2 and I, like many owners of it, was very disappointed when I popped that disc in and the game looked nothing like the bullshots. The game was very fun however and I like it over GT, hence why I didn't hesitate to preorder Forza 3.

The argument isn't about GT2 looking like GT1, how Lost Planet 2 looks a little like an RE5, or how GT5 looks like GT5p. People aren't gonna give Turn10 a break because Forza 3 at this point looks very similar to Forza 2, with slightly better AA (But oddly enough lower quality lighting), and isn't representative of the 10x polygons & new graphic engine propaganda they were spoon feeding us since E3.

If you're a gamer and love racing games, then the graphics shouldn't be too big of a deal. You'd get this game anyways and enjoy it. Heck I love the LB clutch control. I think it's innovative for a console. But gamers also shouldn't tolerate being lied to and given false information. Deception and arrogance isn't a good way to win over your loyal fans. This applies to any company.
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W S K  +   2317d ago
just to get that straight
Forza 3 IS the best racing sim of 09!!! (and maybe even further!?)
+ it has better graphics!!!
(maybe not as mindblowing as some people thought it would look like but a massive step up from forza 2)

you all tend to forget that this is the same console they´re working on and they made huge improvements in graphics (added c0ckpit view), lightning (HDR), physics (tire flex...), tracks (content and graphics wise) and still keep it at butter smooth 60 frames.
No one said it´s innovative or groundbraking. (atleast i never heard of it)
for me it is a evolution of what the forza brand is building up for the last....6? years.
it is "the next step" what a sequel is supposed to be.

comes march (or whenever we will get that "other" huge racing sim) then we will see who´s delivering the more enjoyable experience...

but for now (and probably the next 6 months) forza is going to stay.
get that in your heads!!!
finbars75  +   2317d ago
Oh my Oh my
Best car sim racer of 09?????Okay if you say so.The graphics are dated like any other xbox game.Halo,Gears ect.I think you fanboys should be ashamed with yourselves into thinking you have next gen games.I have an xbox and it sits there hoping for something new to come out,by the time that happens there will be a new console out from MS.Thank you sony for giving us something to believe in.Oh by the way sorry to break the news but Shift is way better then forza by any day.
Danteh  +   2317d ago
lol I cant even tell the difference!!!

Considering that the leap between GT5P and GT5 is enormous, grapix in Forza 3 seem quite pathetic... although it's true that with a machine like the 360, that's probably the maximum it can pull.
So don't worry Turn 10 its not your fault
lordkemp007   2317d ago | Spam
W S K  +   2317d ago
okay....i give it up!!!
the amount of blind and $hit talking people in this thread is way beyond imagination. (but...wait!!! this is n4g....uh...i forgot that)same old $hit, different day.

believe what you want...(as you´re doing anyway)
but i will enjoy the game in almost 2 weeks
so....keep on bashing and have fun *shakes head*
(this stupid war will never end)
#16 (Edited 2317d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
mastiffchild  +   2317d ago
It may not ever end I'm afraid but in Forza3's case the really sad fact is that Greenawalt and his cronies have added to the flames on purpose so you cannot be surprised when some take the chance to maock them after their tomfoolery and arrogance and in the case of the "definitive" and "only sim this gen" bare faced lies. They also needlessly vash PD(who keep a stately silence over the issue)saying they "dropped the ball" among other things they really didn't have to say.

I've bought each Forza game so far and have played the demo this week(though won't be buying anything from T10 til they change their tune)and think it's, as I expected, a really good game. Not definitive in my book as , surely , that kind of gong can only be judged at the end of this generation AND there are several features that I feel ought to be there for a game chasing that epithet-Dau/night cucle and (mostly)weather being two.

Also while some things look undeniably better in F3 some don't and arent a great step up from F2-and if they did decide to clack out the back windows to avoid rendering extra detail to use elsewhere I'd love to know what they did with the saved HP. So, it's a great game like everyone thought it would be bnut that isn't enough when you make the noises they have and of course people are honna point out where they haven't pulled off the outrageous claims. Why didn't they just let the game, which, again, looks great, talk for itself? They would have avoided all the NS that way and wouldn't have needed to rig pointless polls and have people trolling for them either.

That's where this tale is particularly sad, imo, as T10 have been as bad as any ravid fanboy and should know much better too.
beardpapa  +   2316d ago
Sorry buddy, I'm not disagreeing with you but by your tone and stance, you're coming out to seem like one of those other $hit talking people you mention about. People that really like Forza for what it is should be constructive in their criticisms regarding the game and its competition. Fans that enjoy racing games would definitely pick up any racing game in the market, and they're the ones that are truly open-minded to what's out there. It's disappointing to see people try to credit themselves as fans of a particular IP and bash the competition stating senseless "facts." It just makes the real fans look bad when they come out and want to comment on something.

Why argue about development times or which game has more cars and tracks? Instead, why not say you like Forza because it has the Fujimi Kaido or Camino Viejo track, awesome livery, and auction house? And if you like GT5, why not say that you like it because it has the london track, the SLS, and will include Nascar/WRC?
Ninji  +   2317d ago
No point in getting Forza 3 when you can get the superior GT5.

Even Microsoft admitted that GT5 was a next-gen game.
iamgoatman  +   2317d ago
How's that time machine working out for you? Good? Cool.
KilZoneGeneralStrife   2317d ago | Spam
GodGinrai  +   2317d ago
race pro was also out this year .thats as hardcore a sim as any.
iamgoatman  +   2317d ago
Please, no more of these. We got the point with the first article. The people who have atleast played the demo know Forza 3 looks better, the only ones disputing this are the ones hell bent of knocking it anyway.

Are we just going to have one of these everyday until they've compared all the cars from both games? Seeing as Forza 2 had 300 + DLC we could be here for some time. Oh well, see you next spring!
dkblackhawk  +   2317d ago
After reading all of the comments, this is just getting ridiculous.

Race pro was released February 17th ( )only for the xbox 360.

Mysims Racing



Dirt 2

Need For Speed: Shift


Gran Turismo PSP

Cars Race-O-Rama

Those are all the racing games that got released this year. Yes there are a lot but most of them were poorly done and got not so good scores. If Gran Turismo 5 got released this year, then it would be different. That is why they call it "The Real Driving Simulator".
Lou Ferrigno  +   2317d ago
yo,dont forget the Super car Challenge game that just came out exclusive for the PS3 and the farrari challenge games too for all platforms.

and according to almost all the reviewers,that supercar challenge (or wutever its called) is one hell of a sim driver.
kasasensei  +   2317d ago
@Lou Ferrigno
Supercar challenge looks like a wii game.
TheMailman  +   2317d ago
The games industry is becoming a great farce... this is not even funny anymore... Halo ODST and now Forza 3... This is the formula: same game, new package and strong marketing campaign (reviewers included) and voilá instant hit... Is a shame how the 360 gamers buy this story... I honestly think that 360 gamers know better but the urge they feel to not stay behind the PS3 is to strong (they need to believe Xbox is up there with PS3)...people you really need to became more demanding about the games you play... If you not do that MS will continue to laugh all over your face...
soxfan2005  +   2317d ago
Actually, unlike you, most 360 owners actually PLAY the games before making determinations about their quality. PS3 fans like you base your opinions a few screenshots. You are the ones being fooled.

Consider this - Forza runs at 60 frames per second. So, these screenshots represent 1/60th of one second of gameplay. Yet, that is enough for you and many others to make sweeping condemnations of their quality. 1/60th of a freaking second and your mind is made up. Talk about falling hook, line, and sinker for a farce.
wikia  +   2317d ago
Well comparisons like this will be ignored by the gaming media due to the fact that it is on the 360 and contantly hyped upon by turn 10 leading to the belief that this game is technicly flawless while in reality it has its own share of flaws... GT5 will not be so lucky sinces its on the gaming medias favorite red headed step child the PS3. GT5 flaws will be nick picked to death no matter how insignificant it is and some sites will have one page dedicated just to its flaws. While FM3 will just have little side notes and explict warnings that its not a big deal, by the time GT5 will come out we will see more of "GT5 dosen't live up to the hype because of insignificant and probably made up flaws" articles than "FM3 looks like like FM2 except shinier" and on the same time fanboys on both sides will yell bias and websites will be blacklisted

When GT5 comes out it will be a hellstorm of flame wars a lot of websites will probably have their credibility fall through the roof.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   2317d ago
Not sure how many times
I have to say this, these screenshots are not accurate, you have to download both Demos and compare them if you want to see the true difference between the two.
ambientFLIER  +   2317d ago
I don't get why the only 350Z that Forza has is a 2003 model, when the 07-08 redesign was a much better and faster car. Yeah, there's a 370Z as well, but come on...
ambientFLIER  +   2317d ago
Does anyone else prefer the speedometer from Forza 2? It looks like an actual gauge versus the new one in F3.
jack who  +   2317d ago
again what the pic doesnt show you is that forza 3 does this at 2x the frame of forza 2
#27 (Edited 2317d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ambientFLIER  +   2317d ago
I thought that Forza 2 ran at 60 fps as well?
jack who  +   2317d ago
wasnt lock at 60fps if you played it you seen sumtimes it drops too 30fps and the physics engine in forza 2 was well below 30fps but in forza 3 its all at 60fps locked..(physics and graphics engine)
chrisulloa  +   2316d ago
Yeah because everyone knows still images look better than game in motion.
wanaraceu  +   2316d ago
THEY SAID (TURN10): Much better graphics and 100 tracks
WHAT HAPPENED: Same if not slightly better graphics 22 tracks
I say thats Misleading.
ambientFLIER  +   2315d ago
Gran Turismo 5 is the same way. They said it's supposed to have like 80 or 90 tracks, or whatever, but it's a lot less than that. They are just mirrored and reversed, or split into different portions.
ichimaru  +   2316d ago
why is this site still up
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