Top 15 Most Addictive Games

Videogameszone created a top 15 list of the most addictive games. In that list World of Warcraft is on front. Street Fighter 4, Left 4 Dead and Guitar Hero are listed, too.

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GameOn3353d ago

Street fighter 4
Guitar hero
Rock Band
Call of Duty 4
Left 4 Dead
Fifa 10
Fallout 3
Trials HD
Counter Strike
World of warcraft

Basicly a pretty crap list for most addicting games. Some deserve to be there quite a lot don't.
For me The Sims and Viva Pinata should be on that list.

GWAVE3353d ago

Agreed. The list is pretty terrible.

The fact that most of the games are current-gen makes me wonder how long the author of the article has been a gamer.

N4G king3353d ago

list = sh1t

the only game that i agree with is Counter Strike
and thats it

Ron_Burgundy3353d ago

no Super Mario World back on the SNES??? at least?

a lot of these games are this gen, and why the f*** did he list Fifa 10???

ExPresident3353d ago

@ GWave - Completely agree.

What kind of list is that. I can almost be ok with World of Warcraft being on that just by the vast amount of gamers it has taken in, how long its been going, and how life changing it is for some people - easily classified as an addiction.

But c'mon, there are SOOOO many other games that should be there before those. Fifa 10?!#$#@#$?

SupaPlaya3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )

it was (in no particular order)

Warcraft 2
Diablo II
King of Fighters 98 (still playing)
JLeague Soccer manager on Sega Saturn
Street Fighter II
Dragon Quest V, VI

I think as I get older and working, I try harder not to touch the game I know would be too addicting, like WOW.

UnSelf3353d ago

what about

Call of Duty 4
Halo 2
SF Alpha 2
Dead or Alive 2

evrfighter3352d ago

addictive games of all time or present?

Any total war game
Original C&C
Diablo 2
Final Fantasy 7

I could see one of those rock band/guitar hero games being on there but I've never played one so not too sure.

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chrisulloa3353d ago

Halo, COD4, L4D, WoW, and Tetris haha

pansenbaer3353d ago

I would add Demon's Souls to that list. Been playing for four days and have 30 hours racked up. I anticipate playing this quite a few times.

Campy da Camper3352d ago

Bubbles. My back is actualy sore from sitting in my recliner for so long. And, damnit, Uncharted comes out in 2 days!

kaveti66163353d ago

World of Warcraft. Hands-down. People have DIED.

One man didn't eat or drink anything for days and eventually died of dehydration or sleep deprivation (cannot remember which) because of that game. All because he needed more LOOT.

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