Borderlands Four Pack Available for Pre-purchase

Steam writes "Get ready for Borderlands 4-player co-op with the Borderlands Four Pack. Get four copies of the game for the price of three"

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Bereaver3323d ago

What a brilliant idea!

Jeeze, Borderlands is gonna sell 5mil easily.

mrv3213323d ago

They did it for Haze, all my friends where pumped... guess what happend :P

STK0263323d ago

well, obviously, you all played it alot and killed bee-soldiers by the thousands right?

mrv3213323d ago

We tried the demo and laughed...

Myst3323d ago

Wait there was a demo somewhere or was it at one of those -Con places?

mrv3213323d ago

It was the Haze demo... I have a recording of me playing it.

The demo wasn't bad but not great either. Mediocore.

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memots3323d ago

15$ for pre-order of the 4 pack. on top of the 4th one being free.

was $149.97 now $134.97 pre-order .

Its almost tempting to convince my buddies to do it.
That works out to be 33$ a copy if you get the pre-order rebate.

No demo out yet.

ps3ftwin3323d ago

agreed man.

console version comes out 1 week ahead. i will see how the reviews go.

if its good, we probably will be getting the pc version. the steam voice chat system is pretty good.. imo this is a huge saving.

4 copies on ps3 or 360 will run ya 240usd eeekkk.

solar3323d ago

did this for L4D2 and gonna do the same for Borderlands :) i love getting two brand new games for $33 a piece.

morganfell3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

I don't know about the co-op. The AI is looking pretty brain dead in that game. Bullet sponges went out of style years ago. They overhauled the art style in the game. Why? Was it broken? Or were they afraid of the Rage comparisons. Usually when a company does something like that it is because other features in the game are ho hum.

t8503323d ago

just wait till the reviews are out..

like ps3ftwin said.. the console version will be out a week earlier.

if its good then the pc version is a bargain.

imo such deals from steam should be taken advantage of, it will pressure micro & sony to rethink their pricing policies.. which is better for us the gamer.

evrfighter3323d ago

"Bullet sponges went out of style years ago"

so did Tomb Raider but that came back in the form of Uncharted :)

morganfell3323d ago

Yes but Uncharted kept the good parts of Tomb Raider and revamped the bad parts. Bullet sponges ARE the bad parts.

kwicksandz3323d ago

I found it amusing that you brought uncharted up when discussing bullet sponges since uncharted 1's enemys where some of the worst bullet sponges in gaming!

morganfell3323d ago

I didn't bring Uncharted into the discussion so you are wrong...again. And I can kill Uncharted enemies with one round to the head. Something you don't see happening in Borderlands. Besides, 360 fans should avoid discussing Uncharted as much as possible.

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BX813323d ago

Smart! This game looks like fun.

Pandamobile3323d ago

Why is this tagged as PS3/360 when it only applies the the PC version of the game.

We need a new contributer's test.

champ213323d ago

lol really would suck to get a low res copy at 59usd... ouch.

y0haN3323d ago

You guys are jealous of the better graphics on the 360..

y0haN3323d ago

I think I'm gonna wait.. it is a new IP after all. But a FPSRPG with co-op sounds off the chain. Let's see if it delivers.

champ213323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

haha yohan,

funny you mention a console and use graphics as your argument rofl.


what else does micro tell ya? i am sure they got ya pretty much brainwashed :P and they probably laugh a lil each time you buy a low ressed tax included copy on the 360 :P

heres a hint 360 couldnt run its 1st party games in 1080p let alone multiplatformers :P

y0haN3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

The 360 has the best graphics ...

EDIT: I think you are in denial my friend.

evrfighter3323d ago (Edited 3323d ago )

360 always gets the superior version :(

I hate my life

On another note I just ordered Samsungs new 23" LED monitor

It's a TN panel but I'm willing to sacrifice a little quality and viewing angle for a faster response time. I'm only hoping that the LED backlighting makes colors more vibrant than flourescent. which should be true.

Bring on the holiday games. I'm all set to enjoy them in full 1080p LED goodness. I have high hopes for borderlands

likedamaster3323d ago

I could only play this game @1920x1200 res. Bummer. ;P

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