A Homemade Halo Warthog (and how to make one)

BeefJack writes: "As Xbox Live's most played game, Halo surely has it's fans. Some know the ins and outs of the universe whilst others can claim Recon armor. However, the true winners are those who can make driveable Warthogs for their children!"

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Cyrus3653353d ago

Cool, but weird they'd mount a mock gun on a kids ride.

mrwiggles3353d ago

True, I was actually thinking though it would be pretty sweet if there was space for someone at the back to stand, and have the gun fire plastic darts.

But not only would that be incredible expense to do, but I'm sure it would all tip over(no counterbalance)!

N4G king3353d ago

"A Homemade Halo Warthog (and how to make one)"
something new to add to this kids collection

mrwiggles3353d ago

Looking forward to seeing if they pull the helmet off too, with the breathing system.

Gamer713353d ago a Ghost, that actually hovers. :p

heylo3353d ago

I know what corywebb is going to get for his 12th birthday

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