Dead Space 360/PS3 Price Drop $18.99

Dead Space has now dropped to $18.99 on Amazon for both 360/PS3. If you didn't buy it last week at $20, what are you waiting for?

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Blow Out Your Brains3291d ago

shut up marius, that game actually deserves the money unlike a game like ODST

MegaPowa3291d ago

so you should shut up dude and ODST is worth it by the way :l but i wouldn't expect you to know that since your blinded by fanboy glasses

IaMs123291d ago

ooo tempting indeed, ive already beat the game though lol but this cheap its worth purchasing

sikbeta3291d ago

I heard/read a lot of good thing about this game but like 3-5 month after release, maybe it's time to buy it

FCOLitsjustagame3290d ago

Yes if you do not have this game...go buy it.