3D Dot Game Heroes is officially a copy of The Legend of Zelda 110% with new In-Game Video "3D Game Dot Heroes is already getting attacked for it's similarity to that of the Legend of Zelda series, and if you check out the new video, you can see where the game's influence from Legend of Zelda is taken up 110%."

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menoyou3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

Definitely. If Nintendo can't give us the Zelda we want, I'm glad someone else is doing so, especially on the PS3 so we don't have to suffer with crappy Wii graphics. This game looks amazing.

Foliage3349d ago

That's the kind of originality GameTrailers loves to see! This game is a 10/10!


WenisWagon3349d ago

Sony has never been original with their exclusive titles, they can only copy others.

MAiKU3349d ago

Hell, if it's 110% like the greatest game on th snes then i'm in!!!

qface643349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

i never could understand comments like yours

if zelda is what you truly wanted then you wouldn't settle for anything but zelda and not something that resembles it?

also if this game resembles zelda 110% then why would you think this game is a zelda experience nintendo isn't delivering?

can someone explain it to me?
i see allot of comments like that and it just leaves me guessing

MAiKU3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

Okay for you i'll put in your speed.

1. Zelda is a 2D dungeon crawler game we all like.

2. If this is like that plus 10%, then we're game.

3. plus much more (create your character omfg win)

4. It's all about the new perspective on a classic formula that works. Which why if not done by nintendo, we're glad to see it done by others.

5. It's done by a company already known to make a great game for the ps3 (demon souls.)

UnSelf3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

yet Dante's Inferno slips by virtually unnoticed for its blatant replication

Baba19063349d ago

idont understand do you people think this game is a normal rpg? i thought this is like LBP but for RPG, you can build your one games and they did its first "lvl" with zelda. isnt that the point of it? its a do it yourself rpg. i thought.

cyberwaffles3349d ago

i really don't have a problem with games resembling others. i don't care if dantes inferno looks almost too similar to GOW, they both look like great games and will (hopefully) offer a unique experience on both sides. same thing for gears of war and quantum (although quantum looks like sh!t and i didn't care for gears.) i don't see anything wrong with being similar to another game.

HOWEVER, i do think it's horrible when someone blatantly rips off an idea and run with it as if it was their own original work. i'm pretty sure from software isn't going to deny the similarities between this and LoZ. the only thing i would wish for the game is to be not so similar to LoZ. i'd prefer a unique experience and not something similar to an already popular series and story.

and fix the shadows and lighting. something about it bugs the hell out of me.

HolyOrangeCows3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

I want a pokemon (And not that stupid camera game), zelda, and Yoshi's Island ripoff for the PSP.

InfectedDK3349d ago

WOW! Looks better than I would ever expect!

Marceles3349d ago

buh buh you're supposed to hate it, not want it even more...buh...

/end sarcasm

beardpapa3349d ago

I like how the rabbits blow up into little blocks.

Dir_en_grey3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

One of the music was a parody of Dragon Quest, and the default names for your characters are (written in Katakana parodying the same sounds): From (From Software), Ansony (Sony), Segirl (spelled Sega-ru in Japanese parodying SEGA), Iren (IREM), MiKoToNa (Konami), Quenis (Square-Enix).

Reading from Japanese sites supposedly they got authorization (from whom I have no idea) for being similar to Zelda, they even poke fun at themselves in the vid of the similarities. The the system of growing your sword as your health bar was similar to a flash RPG game which they also got an authorization from the author.

In the vid it says you will also see many parodies toward retro games that will put a smile on your face. Things like having played retro games will give you hints in how to fight boss fights.

Looks like a big parody/homage game so I wonder how much the younger generation will appreciate it if they've never played the old school games. It's by From Software who made Demon's Souls so I am pretty sure they will do a good job mixing the old w/ the new.

mastiffchild3349d ago

I'm so sick of people knocking this as a LoZ clone when they know NOTHING about the game. Yes, there are similarities to Zelda in parts of the game-it's an intentional thing meant to pay homage to the older games as it's a great link for their 2D changing to 3D gameplay(which has ZERO to do with LoZ). The character that resembles LttP Link is just one of the chars you play as and by no means all the game has to offer.

As pointed out above there's clearly going to be other games/devs mentioned and parodied so picking one facet of the game and rinning with it as the most blatant rip off ever is just uinfair and inaccurate to me. There's just a hell of a lot to the game that seems top have passed this guy by in his haste to hammer it.

IDK about any deals From have made to clear themselves for these "homages" but I can't see why Ninty would n't agree to them doing it as it's free press for their series and is done from the perspective of gently pokong fun at how games have changed over the last ten/fifteen years.

If someone chooses to ignore what the game's really about just to pretend it's a total retread of old 2D Zelda games then they've chosen to mislead people on purpose and are selling readers short by totally misrepresenting this game.

Honestly, why didn't they find out what the game was like ALL the way through and what the motives are behind the things they do take the mickey out of. Then we might have had a less spiteful and more helpful piece.

gaffyh3349d ago

The reason I want to get this game is because it is a 3D retro Zelda clone.

DaTruth3349d ago

PS3 does what Ninten-don't!!!!!

scheme_a3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

You say ONE part of the game looks like Zelda, but you are wrong.
Spin slash, charge, way to hold shield for block, hook shot, even boomerang works very similarly to Zelda.

Which means the gameplay (which consists at least 90% of a videogame aside from story and visual) mechanic is almost an exact copy.
Sure it has the enormous sword upgrade system, but that's really only it so far from the videos that is surely original to this game.

Yes, the game is 3D as opposed to 2D in original Zelda, but the gameplay is still locked in 2D plane like the original, so it's purely aesthetic and can't be included in gameplay.

Finding similarities in King's room to the first Dragon Quest, for instance, is an homage. The conversations have parodies or references to the games from same era, that's also an homage.
But if you can call those almost a clone copied gameplay an homage or a parody, you can pretty much get away with anything.

Hey, even the devs themselve said they wanted to make Zelda in 3D space.
I want to buy this game because it plays like Zelda game, but i can't stand people defending this game in wrong way.
It's essentially a Zelda clone with 3D visual and nostalgic parodies of the classic NES and SNES games. That's what this game was designed to be, and there is nothing wrong with that.

umair_s513349d ago

I wish they had the regular art stlye.

dustgavin3348d ago

Shut up. You have no idea what you are talking about. Some of the most memorable games were released on a Sony system.

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DasBunker3349d ago

who cares we already know this.. game looks great anyway.. no graphics wh*re here but ive been waiting for a real zelda HD for ages.. imagine the big open world teh cell and bluray could have provided ;_;

George Sears3349d ago

Too similar that it's just down right spooky. The hero even raises his arms (with a mini theme song to boot) and everything just like Link when he used to get a special item. Even the music sounds just like Zelda. There is even a fairy of sorts that talks to you!

Game looks interesting though but gawd 3 Game Dot, you suck on being original.

slave2Dcontroller3349d ago

is teh sword embedded in the big rock.

George Sears3349d ago

That was just the starting point. Everything else after that just got frighteningly similar.

iamtehpwn3349d ago

I love Zelda, and if I can't my milk from the Cow, I'll just get it from the Goat.

menoyou3349d ago

They're not trying to be original. They're clearly making the game that they (and a lot of people) want Nintendo to make. It is obviously a homage to classic Zelda games.

kaveti66163349d ago

Who decides what is a homage and what is a rip-off?

Dante's Inferno is a rip-off? But this game is not? I think people are being a little biased here.

HolyOrangeCows3349d ago

We're actually GETTING the new HD GOW game we've been waiting for.

A new HD classic Zelda game? Nope.

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Kamikaze1353349d ago

I'm starting to think that this game is meant to be a LoZ spoof, lol. It would be great if somewhere in the game, there was a prince called

mastiffchild3349d ago

Yes, but it's only ONE part of the game that's intended to spoof Zelda at all-and it's a very admiring homage in any case. Anyone expecting a pure Zelda clone from this game is going to be disappointed because LOTS of things from the 2D era will be spoofed.

And LoZ did NOT invent all the stuff people are attributing to it either-the sword in the stone? Seriously, are we saying Miyamoto invented that for Link? People just need to see there's much, much more to this than copying Zelda(and a Zelda that Ninty left behind years ago, in this form, even on hand helds so jus who's toes are they stepping on?). This guys taken a vid of a tiny part of the game to support his theory and doesn't even point out that it's meant to be a gentle laugh at us when we were enjoying the old 2D games.

Actually there's going to be a lot of inventive aspects to this game and making gentle fun of the 2D games we love is a great critch for the main thrust of the game changing from 2 to 3D isn't it?

It's a massive overreaction , imo, and when we see the full product it will all make sense.

kissmeimgreek3349d ago

even the menu and HUD look straight out of the legend of zelda. if i were nintendo id seriously try to sue. the only original looking thing is the block graphics and thats not much