OXCGN Asks: Are You Sick of Playing Hide And Seek?


"When I was a youngster eager for amusement of any kind, Easter egg hunts were a lot of fun. The promise of reward in the form of chocolaty goodness and the competition of beating my brother and sister to more treasure strained my eyes on the search so much that I now have to wear glasses (okay genetics may also have had something to do with it…).

But now I have grown up (somewhat) and what do I find myself doing? The same bloody thing, only now I hunt goodies in video games…and it's a lot less fun."

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darkmurder3349d ago

Amen, I am getting so sick of these, they're ok in moderation but every single game seems to have one nowadays.

allegionary3349d ago

Those flags in Assassin's Creed were a bit much! How many of you got them all? or wanted to?

gaminoz3348d ago


I tried...for a long time, but couldn't find one or two in a set and got sick of it. I rarely find all the collectibles in a game, and find it distracts me from actually playing a game.

Oh look a treasure...ooops got shot because I was going to get treasure and didn't see dude around the corner.

XboxOZ3603348d ago

I liked the flags - at the beginning, then after looking around so many corners and on top of buildings, I tired of it quickly.

In Assassin's Creed 2 you have proclaimations and notices stuck to walls and doors with daggers to find . .bugger.

cornfedgamer3348d ago

The lack of collectibles was an aspect I really liked about Darkest of Days. I could actually play the game, focus on the mission, without worrying that I was missing out on something.

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gaminoz3349d ago (Edited 3349d ago )

I know they want to encourage more exploration, but useless treasure hunting is not much fun unless you get $$ to upgrade equipment or something.

allegionary3349d ago

I don't mind achievement points for finding things, but I do then tend to use a 'faq' list to find them...just to get the achievement and so I don't have to redo the game because I've missed one somewhere.

That kind of defeats the purpose...I admit.

XboxOZ3603348d ago

In some games, when the action is frantic, and naturally moves you forward to the end of the level, you don't have time to find some dull item that doesn't do anything for the games progress, yet when you actually finish the game completely, the various achievements are not completed simply because to do so would have required you 'leaving' the real gameplay to do so . . which in my mind is just dumb and nothing more that the developer cranking up the time a game plays.

If they can't build better levels and gameplay, please don't make them longer simply by adding dull achievements or treasure that do nothing other than frustrate the player.

Godem3349d ago

I hate when games reward you for falling down a hole you were supposed to jump over in the first place etc.. annoying as...

"Oh look, the player has succeeded first attempt! Shall we reward him?!"
"No way! He doesn't need extra bonuses if he can do that first go!"
"Let's save our treasure for some noob who can't press X to jump"

gaminoz3349d ago

That's retarded. What game does that? You go somewhere to die and get a treasure?

Godem3349d ago

almost every adventure game... for example.. Jak and Daxter

allegionary3349d ago

Totally agree...they sit there and tempt you to die to get does that help gameplay?

REALgamer3349d ago

You got an achievement in multiplayer mode for:
- Killing an enemy
- Killing a dinosaur
- Killing a teammate
in the same match.

Developers: "Haha, this would be a great achievement! Kill one of everything in a multiplayer match! How could actively REWARDING players for team-killing go wrong?"

XboxOZ3603348d ago

Or when you get an achievement for doing something lame that would happen anyway for most players.

That's like giving achievements out to say that you do . . it's sort of sounds good on paper to a prospective purchaser, but terrible to the person who plays it.

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XboxOZ3603349d ago

So many games almost force you to do such things now in order to move forward or achieve even the basic achievements that you would think would be common due to natural progression through a game.

I've lost all desire to go chasing rubbish now, not unless it is vital to the game in some form.

gaminoz3348d ago (Edited 3348d ago )

What, don't you want a prototype design of an in-game monster pic?

XboxOZ3603348d ago

In Borderlands, if you bother to look around and open various boxes, you'll find stuff that will help you, more weapons, add-ons for weapons, skills etc etc. They have over 6 million possible weapon combinations in the game, actually, Randy Pitchford said the number is basically unlimited due to the sheer number and combinations.

Now that is worth hunting around for, the game will rock when it hits the shelves, shame though, as it lands the very same day as Forza 3 does, and there's a lot of ppl waiting for that game, so perhaps it was not a good time to release such a great game (Borderlands).

But yes, these sorts of things encourage one to go a hunting, even in the midst of battle . . as you're rewarded with something useful, rather than something that is useless.

REALgamer3349d ago

In Halo 2 in the early Earth levels when you're crossing the bridge in the Scorpian tank, if you climbed up on the edge and somehow managed to get a Banshee to swoop past you and hijacked it, you could then fly down the end of the bridge, work out the way past the invisible wall and get on top of a building.

In the centre was what looked like a regular plasma rifle, until you tried firing it and found it shot the massive Scarab blasts! =D

Also in Halo 2, you could get in the pelican that dropped people off in the streets before taking on the Scarab and it would then fly you outside the level. More an accidental glitch than an easter egg, but it was still awesome to get outside the level where the pelican would then throw you out and start randomly spinning in midair. Could jump on it and shoot it to make it spin even more.

gaminoz3349d ago

Much better than unlocking a piece of useless artwork....anything that can be used in-game is better than just some cog tags or flags or whatever. RPGs have got it right...find stuff, use stuff.

XboxOZ3603348d ago

These sorts of things are good, and different. Many developer team members have spent some time creating some of these exploits, some are simply a glitch, but they do add something to a game especially when there is some combat or tasks involved, rather than falling through a hole in the floor out of the level then having to quite to start again - that's useful - NOT . . but the things you've mentioned above are fun,and often useful.

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