OXCGN's Need For Speed: Shift Review- Stick-Shifting Mayhem


"It wasn't too long ago when we found out that the Need For Speed franchise would be no more. Now it seems that three new iterations of the franchise are set to hit consoles in the next year with Need for Speed: Shift being the first. But is it really worth reviving the Need For Speed?"

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gaminoz3349d ago

I think I would have released this one a bit later or earlier than Forza 3 than they have....might get missed?

XboxOZ3603349d ago

Yep, totally agree the same goes with Borderlands which is released on the same day as Forza 3 here in Australia, bloody stupid if you ask me.

Sure, different genre, but gamers only have so much $$ at the end of the day (figuratively speaking)

The sales of this on PS3 have soared, due mainly because most westerners now have no idea when GT5 will be released - other than "some time after Japan, which is "sometime in March 2010" So I'd be looking at any racing game worth half its salt if I was a staunch PS3 player, as there's nothing out for it until well - who knows.

The sales for this on the 360 are lower by half the number for PS3, and PC, which shows the xbox gamer is awaiting Forza 3 rather than grabbing this.

I've always said this time round EA could nail it, especially since it dropped it's useless internal studio and got someone who actually knows racing first hand to build a proper game. I'll have this inn the 360 loading bay asap.

darkmurder3349d ago

I found it pretty fun, I didn't really like teh whole grey screen thing when you hit something but in general its a pretty good game til Forza arrives!

Godem3349d ago

I got way to frustrated with the drift courses.

moe843349d ago

NFS Shift is okay. The drifting is borderline crap. The "realism", although it is just a game... just fails when it comes to drifting. The drifting could have been made better if the tracks were not programed so you slide or spin your tires(which is an awful sound) at the slightest bit of throttle play or turning the steering wheel.

PC: L O A D I N G wtb less please. It's stupid how much loading you do. Go do a quick race or drift to see how your car is going to work out for you, and there's a good chance you'll spend just as much time at loading screens as you do actually racing. Between loading and that ever so annoying 10 seconds of race prep just fails.

The game looks good, I've been playing in 16:10 on just about maxed out settings and have no problems at all. Smooth as can be. Track is a little glossy for my taste, but I can deal.

Using a game pad for controls could have been better. I've got a pretty nice Logitech, and yea.. all I can do is race. Menu browsing doesn't seem to want to work with game pads, at least mine. Having to use the keyboard for that takes away some of the fun. A way so you can tune your car on the fly in quick race would have been nice. Having to quit.. go to a loading screen. Climb the rough the menu, find "Tune" make some tweaks, back out of the menu and go through more loading as you get back into a race.. /sigh Then to find out your tweaks made things worse..

Will Forza be a better game.. probably not. If anything equal to Shift. With it's "I'm going to slow way down for you to catch up" a.i and it's Forza 2 graphics.... With it's 2 discs, lets hope one isn't an install disc. Poor 360 peeps...

Wtb GT5

pushergreen3349d ago

it is clear from the demos that fm3 is vastly superior. twice the framerate, twice the draw distance, same amount of detail, higher rez backgrounds and tarmac, and superb physics. Not that shift is not good but why buy it when fm3 is just a short wait and is likely a superior racer. Judging from the shift demo a 9 seems high but it is great to hear that, I will pick it up later on the cheap, for now though the wait for fm3 is is filling me with anticipation.