Top Ten Hardest Videogame Ninjas

The Good Gear Guide rates the toughest, coolest and sexiest video game ninjas of all time (Taki's gargantuan torso-lamps included).

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windmill1453352d ago

Great read, the writer has a great sense of humor.

WildArmed3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

lol yh. all i knew dat if ryu didnt make no. 1 i was gunna need 2 kick some ass :)
Dats the poowaaa of a ninja musta!

btw author spelt ps3 wrong

*looks back at his spelling* oh God.. I must repent *off to slay ninjas on Ninja Gaiden Black (yeah bcoz the game is badass like that)

lol Taki is easily no. 1 if u consider who would get you hardest ;) (no 2 Mai lol)

btw totally 4got abt Grey Fox. Gald he was included. I woulda forgo thim

SaiyanFury3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I'm glad that at least SOMEONE from Tenchu made it into the list. Ayame was always my favourite to use in the games. Tenchu is the only series mentioned that's more of an actual ninja simulator. Including Ryu Hayabusa and Grey Fox pretty much rounds out the list. I never played Joe Musashi in the PS2 Shinobi, but I always loved him in the Genesis Shinobi games. Shinobi 3 for the win. :)

MK_Red3351d ago

They messed up in the MK part by forgetting about Scorpion and confusing Sub-Zero with him for MKvsDC.

McRad3351d ago

Uh Hotsuma was the main ninja in PS2's Shinobi, Joe Musashi was the lead for Shinobi-Shinobi III and he was just a secret char in Shinobi PS2/Nightshade (Kunoichi). Also the list is missing Strider Hiryu, a crime!!

GrrrlGamerX3351d ago

Joe Musashi *was* playable in the PS2 version, so it counts. Was Strider actually a ninja? I thought he was just a special ops dude with a sword?

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