Is DLC Getting Out Of Hand?

Blade206, DCI and WorseCase come together to bring you guys another podcast, but not just any podcast, its our 50th podcast. Sorry for the 4 day delay, but we do have something in the show that will make up for things. Today in Step Ya Game Up the number one Gaming Podcast on the net talks about the following:

* Forza 3 Impressions

* Super Street Fighter IV Problems

* Some games that are coming out for September and October.

* WarDevil Details

* Microsoft Rebate On Xbox360 Elite

* Gaming Journalism

* 320 GB blu ray

* As always we have a step ya game up and much much more..

SideNote: More Mag Beta codes and funny times.

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Stationfan3353d ago

So what was the first game that made it okay for companies to get a piece of the dlc fiasco.

ThatCanadianGuy3353d ago

These guys crack me up.One of the few podcasts i actually look forward too.

Trevorthenerd3353d ago

I agree DLC is a money racket! Just like in RE5 the way they charged for multiplayer WTF

Rifle-Man3353d ago

I bought the DeLorean car on Burnout Paradise for $5 and an hour later I was like, "Why the hell did I do that?"

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