Fry's Electronics to sell Uncharted 2 for $49.99

Examiner: If you haven't pre-order Uncharted 2: Among Thieves yet than you should consider heading to your local Fry's Electronics store on Tuesday.

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gamesR4fun3326d ago

Id b all over this like whits on rice.

SnuggleBandit3326d ago

hell yes. glad i didn't preorder now!!

jjohan353326d ago

Is Fry's selling the game with that cover photo? LOL.

Already preordered from amazon.

erathaol3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Looks like you'd be Fortunate to pick up Drake's 2nd game from Fry's.


Erotic Sheep3326d ago

ROFL Johan35.. I know! It's like they were having a threesome but meanwhile got into a fight XD

Boody-Bandit3326d ago

starting tomorrow 10/11.
Buy 2 get 1 free. I am headed there Tuesday to pick up Uncharted 2 and a couple other titles.

mikeslemonade3326d ago

Dammit I don't live to close to any one of them. The closest one is like 30 minutes which makes it not worth it.

beardpapa3326d ago

Wait is UC2 coming out this Tuesday? If so, I need to cancel my preorder from Amazon. Preordered Demon's Soul from Amazon, and you lot are already playing it while tracking says mine isn't coming til the 16th -_-;; Fry's is so much closer than Delaware.

SSS3325d ago

you can probably grab an early copy from pacific mall like i did.

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kingOVsticks3326d ago

If I haven't already payed this game off I would have jumped on this deal

DarkTower8053326d ago

Get your money back and then go buy it.

duplissi3326d ago

yeah me too!, well that and if i knew where a frys electronics was- never heard of them.

Bumpmapping3326d ago

Yeah its funny you have no good exclusive to play this year :)

Ron_Burgundy3326d ago


you pay 60$ for sh!t like RRoDst and we pay 49.99$ for Unsurpassed 2: Among itself, sure to be one of the greatest games of all time I might add

sunil3326d ago

FYI... ODST was on sale for 39.99 at amazon

ballsofsteel3326d ago

awsome i live right next to one

jack who3326d ago

rofl at the damage control

Ron_Burgundy3326d ago

i see nothing wrong with having the opportunity to pay 49.99$ for a AAAA game right from release, lucky bastards who live near a Fry's Electronics

Isaac3326d ago

You're laughing @ the price drop (on fry's only, but whatever) because you care so much about "teh salez"? I guess having "teh salez" is somehow better than having "teh games". You *fail* at trolling, you're not being funny, just stupid.

Why am I not surprised that Xbox fanboys are such morons? Seriously, you fail at trolling.

Erotic Sheep3326d ago

I know Jack.. its rather funny. We get discount on a full and amazing game while you have to pay the full price for an expansion :|

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The story is too old to be commented.