Stylish Football Manager 2010 Trailer Released

A brand new trailer for Sports Interactive's Football Manager 2010 has been released.

While there's no gameplay footage, it certainly gets the blood going for an FM fan such as myself.

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cain1413083d ago

I've never heard of it. THen again I don't follow football...

RedDeadLB3083d ago

Someone actually plays this?

Ziriux3083d ago

You'd be surprised how many people actually enjoy managing the game thinking their better than a sports coach out there.

Fullish3083d ago

It's a trap, no one plays

Ziriux3083d ago

Never heard of Football Manager, you must be an American as well as not follow world soccer, it's ok. This game is pretty much like NFL Head Coach, but only in regards to soccer. Great game if you're into management games.

Carnage12903083d ago

Talk about a niche audience, bet this will sell better than head coach though.

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The story is too old to be commented.