California Games comes to the PlayStation Network

PS3 fanboy reports that from the ashes of Epyx, London-based System 3 will be bringing the nostalgic California Games to both the Wii and PS3 consoles. When confirming its destination for the Wii console, CEO Mark Cale dropped word that it would also make its way to the PS3. According to Mr. Cale, "you will be able to buy it online," and "as a retail product." No word on if the title will include multiplayer over the PlayStation Network or if it will be revamped for its next-gen arrival

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fury4230d ago

I loved California Games when i was a little brat.

BlackIceJoe4230d ago

Well this should be good the PS3 needs more games like these.

THE_JUDGE4230d ago

Either way, more games prolly couldn't hurt.

gta_cb4230d ago

cool. when/if the PSN comes to the PSP you think these games will be available?

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