Juon: The Grudge – The First 2 Minutes of Horror

As a early Halloween treat, take a peek of the first two minutes of Juon: The Grudge that will surely scare the hell out of you.

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jay22483d ago

This might be the first Wii game I buy since The Conduit.

Dir_en_grey2482d ago

I watched so many commentary playthroughs of this game, it got many bad reviews but it's actually one of the must have games. Hearing people (especially girls) scream and cry from the commentary gameplay is just a trip.

Great game to watch your girlfriend play. just make sure you've gone through the game first and not scream like a baby in front of whoever you play with.

mrv3212482d ago

This looks great, the steps sound needs to be improved... here's a suggestion, use the WiiMotes mic for the footstep sounds... it build immersion

I must admit I jumped, this looks like a proper horror hopefully they wont throw 100's of enemies at you and put you in daylight and completely ruin the horror (RE5)

Admit it, you jumped aswell.

Nike2482d ago

(Shamelessly admits)

It was awesome. I love the slow and steady pacing to it. THIS is how you build a horrific atmosphere and is a perfect anti-thesis to RE5's "mob 'em" style of survival horror. Simply amazing.

Suga Shane2482d ago

Yes, even with all of the lights on in the house and COPS on T.V. I still jumped. Possible purchase.

N2NOther2482d ago

I jumped. I'm a huge fan of the Ju-on series and I'm more than a little disappointed that this is only for the Wii.

steck672482d ago

Are those stepping sounds? Sounds like some guy playing Racquet Ball.

Suga Shane2482d ago

Hahaha. now that you mention it they do. For a couple seconds I thought that the stepping sounds were supposed to be something beating on the walls until I noticed I heard it when the character was walking.

Ron_Burgundy2482d ago

best graphics I've seen on the wii

Magnus2482d ago

Is this game coming to PS3 and 360 aswell because it looks very interesting?

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The story is too old to be commented.