Turn 10: Difficult to Replicate Forza 3

Turn 10 game director Dan Greenawalt believes it'll be difficult for any other dev team to "replicate" what Turn 10 has done with Forza Motorsport 3.

"I've got huge respect for Yamauchi and what the Polyphony Digital team does, they're a great developer. But do I personally feel confident that it would be difficult for any other racing game to do this," he told CVG in regard to Forza 3's physics.

"We run our physics at 360Hz," added Greenawalt. "I don't know of any other game that does that. That takes a commitment to physics, not just about making sure you have beautiful graphics.

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info3356d ago

I find it hilarious that with such "high precision 360 hz physics" forza still shows enormous faults of interpenetration and collision....I mean collision is literally the basic 101 here. Even if you had a bounding box to collide with.

Not bashing the game for the sake of it but that`s a little too much for a "Sim"

SCThor3356d ago

...I don't know if I want to laugh or just feel sorry for this guys.

I mean, they're so desperated to give their game the attention it don't deserve for what it is, and in that dilemma, bashing the competition is their only way out.

Really sad.

Marceles3356d ago

Does anyone even notice 360hz of physics? Are people really saying, "That last game had 359hz of physics, but 360?? TURN 10 CAN'T BE STOPPED!"

KiRBY30003356d ago

it's going to be called Forza 4.

thesummerofgeorge3355d ago

"That takes a commitment to physics, not just about making sure you have beautiful graphics. "

So somehow because GT5 has beautiful graphics it means they haven't committed to physics? Keep tryin guys. They can't get away with lying about F3 looking better now that we've seen both, so next they decide to toot their own horn and insult PD in regard to physics, something GT has never been guilty of not being committed to. Every other day Turn 10 has something negative to say about PD and another huge unfounded compliment for themselves. Let your work speak for itself Turn 10, or are you worried it might not have enough to say?

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ginsunuva3356d ago

Difficult to replicate Gran Turismo.

Anon19743356d ago

Seriously. I've we've heard from Turn 10 is chirp, chirp, chirp! You made a good game, now let the game do the talking. I can understand you're excited and proud of your title, but reign it in. Gran Turismo is still months away. Constantly comparing yourself to a game that isn't even out yet makes you look like ass clowns.

3sq3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Difficult my ass, I barely see any difference between Forza 2 and Forza 3.

Edit: "not just about making sure you have beautiful graphics"
Who the hell did brag about the graphic in the first place???
Wasn't it you, turn10???

And why do turn10 always keeps talking about GT5/Polyphony???

Lord_Ranos3356d ago

There scare of Gran Turismo and will do anything to hype Flopza.

wxer3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

they mention GT and PD tow times in there

add to that this
" "I don't know of any other game that does that. That takes a commitment to physics, not just about making sure you have beautiful graphics."

they are bleeding FEAR

talltony3356d ago

I have never seen a dev tout this much crap about a game that just technically doesn't speak for itself. Turned 10 years old is so obviously insecure about their product that they feel they have to spread nonsense about their physics and graphics engine. Their are better looking racing games out right? Their are racing games out right now that have better damage modeling right? I am sick of their crap, honestly just let the freakin game speak for itself and shut up!

PROFIT3356d ago

i mean look at the guy. He himself looks LAST GEN.

no wonder his product didnt deliver the goods they boasted about

bnaked3356d ago

The most awkyard developers ever.. How can they say such things??? I can't get that.. What the f*ck is wrong with them??

Ron_Burgundy3356d ago

well they sure do know how to replicate games, I mean just look at Forza 2 and Forza 3 :P

MegaPowa3356d ago

Did you miss the review scores or something? it did deliver and pretty well in my opinion(prepares flame shield)

meatnormous3356d ago

I just replicated it in the bathroom 10 mins ago, it was hard to flush.

PROFIT3356d ago

flame shield 4 wut?

is your 360 rroding on u?

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NotoriousWarrior3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )


They don't have any, chatting [email protected] all the time.

Devs live Naughty Dog, Infinity Ward, Insomiac games, Kojima, PD, GG and others have respect for games and other devs but T10 shouldn't use the word "Respect" ever and i think everyone should understand that regardless of their favorite console.

Elven63356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Infinity Ward, you mean the same developer whose community manager publicly attacked Treyarch when they were creating World at War? Hell, even Call of Duty 4 had jabs at Treyarch.

Rare, Lionhead, etc are much better example of a Microsoft first party studio that doesn't spout so much. Hell, Peter M even criticized his own game publicly when other reviews were going up which was modest of him to realize his game wasn't the best thing since sliced bread. Although so far this has been the tamest statement from Turn 10. The title is a bit misleading since Greenwalt is only taking about the physics.