Why Won't Bungie Make the Vehicular Combat Game We All Crave?

Gamecritics writes:

"Why don't they just admit that they don't know what they're doing and focus on where their real talents lie-in producing the finest vehicular combat mechanics I've ever encountered in a lifetime of seeking out ad playing every conceivable car combat game ever produced. Everything about the vehicles in Halo just manages to feel exactly as it should. The way Warthogs kick up dirt as they crest hills at high speed, grabbing a little air before they slam back down, their suspensions cushioning the landing.

The way hover-bikes skim across the field, drifting around sharp corners effortlessly. The little backslide the Wraith tanks do every time they fire their main cannon… it's all so perfectly conceived, balanced and executed that I've rushed back to every subsequent Halo title solely to see what they'll be doing with the vehicles this time-and I haven't been disappointed yet, especially by the ingenious Brute scrapbikes whose look provided one of the few breaths of fresh design air in Halo 3."

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TROLL EATER3349d ago

halo has the best vehicular control bar none

whitesoxfalife3349d ago

everybody should write to bungie and ask them then in fact lets see them doing something beside halo and only then we truly kno that bungie is king of making games not just one genre

STICKzophrenic3349d ago

I agree about the vehicular sections being the best, but the shooting is awesome as well.

Brute Choppers
Brute Prowlers

Those are the of the controllable vehicles I can think of, and not of them is bad. Every single one of them is awesome in its own right and handles perfectly.

Bungie is an amazing studio, and I can't wait to see what they come up for Halo: Reach