Tech-Gaming: Tornado Outbreak Review

Tech-Gaming writes: "At this year's E3, a kiosk displaying Zephyr: Rise of the Elementals sat relatively unnoticed by a majority of attendees. Hoping to experience a hidden gem, I grabbed a controller, and immediately identified the game's thinly-veiled inspiration. Players controlled a burgeoning cyclone that absorbed nearby environmental objects, gradually growing in size. As more matter was collected, the whirlwind grew, and engulfed a variety of increasingly large items. While this Katamari-clone wasn't bad, it seemed woefully uninspired.

Fortunately, the developers at Loose Cannon have worked diligently over the last few months to enrich the title's look and feel. The game has been rechristened Tornado Outbreak, and a recent playthrough indicated a wealth of changes. Most apparent was the title's shift in perspective- where Zephyr presented a sky high camera angle that evoked Namco's rolling diversion, Tornado Outbreak's viewpoint is directly behind the expanding tempest, bringing the player closer to the game's inspired sense of destruction."

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