Nintendo Wii Games my Girlfriend Loves

Bright Hub writes: "The Nintendo Wii has something of a reputation for appealing to the non-traditional gamer. At the risk of delving too deeply into stereotypes, these so-called "casual" gamers usually include young children, older adults, and females, basically anyone outside the so-called "hardcore" gamer set.

My girlfriend is certainly someone who fits into this category. For her, the heyday of gaming was the Super Nintendo era. She's always found the Xbox and Playstation controllers to be overly-complicated and uninteresting, and that has prevented her from enjoying any of our modern consoles.

That is, except for the Nintendo Wii. While memorizing complicated button layouts sounds like one of Dante's circles of Hell to her, she absolutely loves the simplicity of the Wii's motion controls and straightforward button placement. The Wii has quickly become her system of choice.

Check out some of her favorite female-friendly games on the Wii."

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