Classic Game Room: Grand Turismo psp Review

"Classic Game Room HD reviews GRAN TURISMO PSP for Sony PSP, the ultimate Playstation Portable driving game. Have you wasted weeks of your life collecting Nissan Skylines in previous Gran Turismo games? If so then you'll enjoy this one, loads of tracks and around 800 cars, Gran Turismo PSP delivers the goods and then some."-Classic Game Room

Part 2 is here-

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BenCrazy4243349d ago

If anybody can tell me how to get 2 videos up at once, that would be awesome. I tried but the second video didn't load when I played it.


deno3349d ago

nice game, will pick up soon at store.

soljah3349d ago

not trying to start a war. but i look at this review and think. if this game was hooked up to my 40" sony xbr 4 it would look just as good as any other gt game or forza 3. maybe better then the videos i have seen of forza

4pocalyps33349d ago

thats because this games meant to be played on the psp not on ur 40"

komp3349d ago

Here is some in game action from GT PSP in HD with line audio.
For a handheld the Challenges certainly replace the no career part and also a good way of getting cash fast.

Check out the Nizmo on the Ring Video.

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The story is too old to be commented.