9 consoles that weren't worth your money

Unlike today, the console wars of past generations were tough for gamers. Choosing what system to support wasn't just a matter of loyalty, it was also a calculated risk. Back then, in a console-saturated market with companies fighting to stay afloat, every console purchase was a calculated risk. And in an era where exclusivity still really meant something, choosing a console amounted to no less than a major investment. Naturally, not all of these gambles paid off. Here's a look at some of the worst console investments your money could buy.

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Stryfeno23356d ago

Instead of the PS2 they should of put the PS3.

PimpHandHappy3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

i didnt read this because like most things on N4G its a kid behind a key board
if they did put PS2 on that list this article is as useless as your life

on topic: I had a 3DO and i still remember 3 games. Need4Speed, some Basketball game and a army game that was really the highlight... You played your buddy and you both had forts. You had a tank a jeep and i think you could go on foot. The whole point of the game was to get his flag and run it back to your base... you had to blow up the walls of his fort and when you got the flag a killer song would start to play...we still talk about that game but cant remember the name. It was a blast but i remember waiting for new games that never came

dafonz3356d ago


Well if you do get to read it you'll see it says "PlayStation 2 (launch era)" which means it was probably not a good investment during the launch.

Caffo013356d ago

i have a launch ps2 and it's still running!
and my launch ps3 is working as well!yeah i spent a lot but i don't regret it!
and those complaining about the lack of BC in the new models should stop!they could have bought it when it was available and they didn't..

dafonz3356d ago

It's the PlayStation 2 (launch era). Not the post launch, just to clarify.

tatotiburon3356d ago

well PS3 launch era is worst

Shadow Man3356d ago

$700 for a console? What the hell were they thinking?

Now is $299 early adopters KILLZOWNED!!! 4 Life!!

EpicGamerSwordsman3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Early adopters could care less, Because early adopters Pretty much saved money Since Stand alone Blu-Ray players where about the same price (at the time) & the 20gb-60gb Had full BC With EVERY Game since ps3's back from launch through early 2007 had little ps2 chipsets on the ps3 motherboard. BTW To fix it, it was 500$ for the 20gb, its not like you were forced to buy the 60gb.

360 early adopters a probably pissed since the 20gb is 250$ from 400$ & The Elite was 500$ down to 300$ Just to Point out to you.

themyk3356d ago

hmmmmm i have a launch day 20 gig. and i don't regret it. sooooo there goes your little theory. kid.

i'm actually glad i got it on launch. i think it's cool to see all the changes it's gone through. remember the old psn store? no ingame xmb.

Information Minister3356d ago

The first PS3 models had more features than the current ones and they retailed for $599, not $700.

You fail. Practice your trolling and try again.

rucky3356d ago

At least it didn't burn your house. I bet that's worth a lot more than "$700". But I guess your OK since you still live with your parents.

hatchimatchi3355d ago

lol @ rucky

bubbles for that one

itsralf3355d ago

burn your house down? that's the job of a 360.

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cheapndirty3356d ago

Yeah the lauch era ps2 were junk. As fas as the Saturn and Dreamcase go I have both, no regrets. What can I say? I like owning all of the consoles.

EpicGamerSwordsman3356d ago

for Home arcade ports like Street fighter Alpha 3, MVC & CVS Games, All ports were Arcade perfect. & Who can forget crazy taxi & Jet grind radio?

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themyk3356d ago

come on guys. do we really have to make it a ps3 xbox war on every fuking article.

although if they are going to put the ps2 up there because of some launch day problems.

i guess they should have put the 360 "launch era" up there to. cause lets face it. it's probably the most unreliable piece of hardware ever created.