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"Twiggy", PushSquare: "During my time with the PSPgo over the past few week I've come to a conclusion: it's not for everyone. Not exactly the most scientific of reasoning right, but it's useful in trying to depict just why everyone is acting like the PSPgo raped their entire family. It seems like the entire games industry have a bee in their bonnet regarding the system, and as far as I'm concerned, it's unwarranted. If you don't like it, you don't buy it, right? As far as I'm aware Sony reps haven't been holding people at gun-point, instructing them to buy the new system. And yet, everyone seems so angry."

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Cajun Chicken3325d ago

Quite simply it shouldn't cost that much (It's 3/4 the price of a damn PS3!) and I'm pretty sure Sony aren't going to do ANYTHING about my large collection of UMD games.

My faith in the PSP Go is low. However, I really like the fact that the PSP has had a relaunch and developers are focusing on it again. PSP Minis are also great, really happy with Breakquest.

get2sammyb3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Yet, from a pricing stance it sits perfectly inbetween the iPod Touch's SKUs.

Sony won't force you to sell your existing PSP or your existing UMDs should you decide to upgrade. They won't be "lost", they'll just continue to only work with your current system. Which is exactly the state they're in right now.

deadreckoning6663325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

When it goes down to $200, I might get it for Skype and replace my cell phone with it. Its looks REALLY good, but i still pissed it doesn't support divx or xvid. Also, a 3 megapixel camera wulda been nice.

I expect Sony to drop the price in December.

"Sony won't force you to sell your existing PSP or your existing UMDs should you decide to upgrade. They won't be "lost", they'll just continue to only work with your current system. Which is exactly the state they're in right now."

But who the hell wants TWO PSP's layin around.

Cajun Chicken3325d ago

Dead right! Anyway, I'm glad that Sony are continuing UMD based games, although I may get the digital download but blocking out my 20 odd already existing UMD games? No thanks.

eagle213325d ago

So expect more hate articles to "pop up". :)

gaffyh3325d ago

Because anything that has Sony written on it, is always greeted with hate, cynicism, and negativity. Yes the price expensive, but YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT! Get a PSP-3000, or wait for a price cut.

SuperM3325d ago

Sounds like someone is jealous and cant afford it. Seriously, if you dont think its worth it then dont buy it an stfu.

I bought it and i love it. Got Gran Turismo for free and since my brother bought a PSP 3000 i will get 3 additional games for free thanks to the PSP Go reward system.

Personally i plan on using it as an MP3 player in addition to gaming so its obvious competitor is not the PSP 3000 (because its to big) but the Ipod touch. And of these 2 i pick the PSP Go because its way superior at gaming.

Honestly i think the problem with people whining is that they are used to consoles being ultracheap due to console makers selling them at a loss. And when something is being sold at a profit then its suddenly overpriced. PSP Go is the same price as the Wii after the Wii price cut. I'd pick the Go anyday over the Wii.

deadreckoning6663325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

@Eagle- Its funny how PS3 fanboys bash VGcharts for having false 360 sales numbers, but when they say the PSP Go is outselling the 360 its all peaches and cream. Not saying u are a PS3 fanboy. Just putting it out there :)

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komp3325d ago

No one told me that you could use the DS3 controller via BlueTooth on the PSP Go. I went into town to get one yesterday and I could not get one within the 2hrs i tried.

They are in business to make money and reduce old stock and this is perfectly normal practice to rid old stock.

If you dont want one dont get one if you do then be happy.

Not everyone thinks 230 is expensive.

arsenal553325d ago

im not angry at the handheld.. im angry at the price

LukaX233325d ago

Console-Too expensive
Games-Too expensive

Need much more of a reason?

Lou Ferrigno3325d ago

^^ true,but even though me and my techofile self bought a $250 retail new PSPgo,i dont regret my purchase at all...

yes i would of loved to of saved some dollars,say $50? .. but wutever.. i apsolutely LOVE my go.. bought patapon 2 and Sudoku Mini and simply just irresistable.

PSPgo is NOT for everyone but dont go acting like sony is forcing it upon the consumer.

why doesnt anyone b!tch about the Ipod touch then and its pricing?.. $200 for an 8giger and higher..
8gigs is EXTREAMLY low for a multimedia player like that.
i mean they dont even allow for a memory card slot upgrade for cryin out loud.

deadreckoning6663325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

No one b!tches about the touch cause its innovative. I hate Apple and I thk they overcharge on many things, but innovation is innovation. Im trying to find a device that looks cool and i can use skype with. So the PSP go and the ipod touch r on my radar.

"There's no innovation on the iPhone/iPod Touch line at all."
Ur kidding right...LOOK I've never owned an Apple product in my life because in my opinion its one big FAD, but once I got my hands on my friends iphone, its pretty apparent that its a revolutionary device.

PirateThom3325d ago

Except, the LG Prada was on the market 5 months before the iPhone and the HTC Touch launched around the same time.

There's no innovation on the iPhone/iPod Touch line at all.

bjornbear3325d ago

Design Sells =)

The Go's design alone doesn't cut it, but it adds to the price. Not that to design it was any costlier than to design the normal PSP, but it justifies it more.

I'm not saying the design of a product is worth paying that much extra cash for...but Apple isn't selling insanely expensive products like hot cakes!

It isn't cz people JUST like Apple, or that there's no choice (PirateThom =)) but something is selling it more, and a lot of it is the design.

Not the design alone, but the whole image of the company.

Sony is pushing further into the "prime" company image, making exuberant part of their nature, and hoping in time people accept it.

SoapShoes3325d ago

The iPod touch is not innovative, it doesn't do anything the classic iPods couldn't aside from browse the web.

I agree that design does add to the price and that is why so many want a Go because of the design. The double standard between the iTouch and Go is disgusting.

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