Top 6 X-box 360 Games for the Holiday Season

Associated Content.......Have no idea what games you want to buy for the holiday? Well hopefully i can give you some good insight on what you should buy. I am going to put the top 6 games, including arcade games, for the X-box 360. Well lets get started.

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FordGTGuy3208d ago

but no sign of Forza Motorsport 3?

dangert123208d ago

No Dragon Age 2 Its Bull Sh*t

Eddie201013207d ago

Kinda a lame list, surely they could have done better than this.

deadreckoning6663207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I wish I had a 360. Left 4 Dead 2 is my type of game.

Mr Logic3207d ago

4 multi-plats, a low rated XBLA game, and Halo.

HolyOrangeCows3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

No.....not really.
What a poor year for Xbox 360 software.

And what a terrible list. Where's GTA4:GT? Forza 3?

slayorofgods3207d ago

You can still get Left4dead 2 for P.C.!!!!!

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Serjikal_Strike3207d ago

looks like nothing for you guys to play during

chrisulloa3207d ago

Well, I'm going to be kept busy with AC2, L4D2, Forza 3, MW2, Ballad of Gay Tony and Borderlands.

PlayStation X3207d ago

is that it?? lol

feel sorry for ya

ambientFLIER3207d ago

Yeah, that's it. I'm sure you're going to buy a new game every week, right?

ambientFLIER3207d ago

If you have so many games, and buy them weekly, how do you have enough time to troll this place all day long?

chrisulloa3204d ago

Who said I was going to buy them all at launch?

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Bumpmapping3207d ago

Two exclusives one is a generic racer and the other is piece of crap DLC to a terrible game the rest multiplatform of course didn't expect anything less from a Xtard.

kissmeimgreek3207d ago

how is forza any more generic than GT? at least forza has tons of customization options and a great community (migrating from forza 2s community). I havent seen anything that isnt not generic about GT5.

Didnt really mean to drag GT into this... just using it for comparison with forza.

shutupandplay3207d ago

PS3 fanboys are so deluded they now immediately dismiss all multi-plats. Whatever, have fun missing out on AC2, MW2, Tekken 6, Dragon Age: Origins, Borderlands etc, I`m also gonna go ahead and count NGS2 as multi-plat as well. So you now have Uncharted 2, Demons souls and the 216th ratchet game. Did I miss any?

lh_swe3207d ago

You could diss FF on the same principle, the Halo franchise has 6.
It's irrelevant how many ratchets have been released since they have always been my favourite platformer, not to mention that the games extend across 3 platforms (4 if you count the mobile phone game).

If you don't like the cartoony style platformers then hold your tongue because I enjoy ratchet over Banjo & Kazooie and Jak & Daxter.

Looking at both platforms holiday line-up they both look great, so good in fact I'd call this the best holiday line-up this gen.

Btw why are you reffering to fanboys as deluded when you are in the exact same category?

whitesoxfalife3207d ago

i said the same thing on that page lame as hell

foreverflame3207d ago

I'm getting all of them since none of those games will make there way to the lastplacestation3..

Elvfam5113207d ago

or the one that chrisulloa mention

LeonSKennedy4Life3207d ago

Last place? Yes.

Most expensive? Yes.

We get to play Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time, Killzone 2, inFamous, Demon's Souls, and all the other 2009 exclusives.

You don't.

: )

camachoreloaded88063207d ago

Because I own a PS3 too. But for argument's sake:

I won't even mention exclusives that already came out for the 360, that would take too long. As for upcoming releases: we get to play Forza 3, Left 4 Dead 2, GTA IV DLC, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Mass Effect 2.

You don't.


LeonSKennedy4Life3207d ago

Let's play some Killzone 2.

Right now.

: )

Why would you insult a system you own...unless you don't play it? I own a Wii and I insult it constantly. That makes sense though. There's nothing to play on it.

The PS3 has tons of amazing exclusives to play...that you're either neglecting purposefully or are blissfully unaware of.

Go ahead the exclusives...all those amazing exclusives.

Do it.

Name a 360 exclusive that came out this year as good as Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, or inFamous.

Entertainment is relative in most cases.

Here...let's just be honest with each other. Next year, God of War III comes out. Match it. Heavy Rain also comes out. I DARE you to match that game. Also...the Last Guardian comes out.

Natal and Halo can't save you from jealousy.

I'm not a fanboy. I just know a good game when I see it.

Give me a list and I'll tell you whether it's a good game or not...system is irrelevant. : )

Ron_Burgundy3207d ago

judging by the difference in sales from the PS3 and 360 even from a biased site like vgchartz, I did a bit of math, and starting from last month and ending a year later. the PS3 will sell 19,017,336 units, and the xbox will sell 9,178,044 units in 1 year starting from last month.

that's a 9,834,292 unit difference between the 2, the PS3 will than be in second place passing the xbox within a year

all math here folks , with the sales numbers I used to do the math were from vgchartz

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