Forza 3 to ship with 30 extra tracks in two packs

VG247: While Microsoft announced this week that Forza 3 will have a ten-car DLC pack and two new tracks available on day one, the voucher card in the retail version we've just cracked open clarifies that 30 extra courses are to be given away along with the ten cars in two track packs.

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ctfkev3265d ago

they just couldn't fit it in the DVD, and didn't wanna add a 3rd dvd, so they passed it as DLC and making consumers pay for it.

ambientFLIER3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Yeah, I'm so sure GT5 won't have ANY glitches...ever...right?

and GT5P has NOOO glitches at all... /sarcasm

FanBoy Advance3265d ago

So if I bought the game Used I will not get those cars and tracks ?!

I don't like what are you doing Turn 10 :(

Ninjamonkey3265d ago

A few games are dooing this now to stop people from buying used games.

Its really killing developers revenue.

GameOn3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

This is how devs get money of second hand sales, there's nothing wrong with that. You will be able to download this content at a price I'm sure.

deadreckoning6663265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Good idea. Screw Gamestop, the only good thing they did was the ability ta trade in ur old PSP for 100 bucks towards the next one.

Unicron3265d ago

Yeah, actually I agree, this IS a good idea. I'd rather see the dev get sales than Gamestop.

Cherchez La Ghost3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Since companies like Gamestop are not giving a percentage back to the Dev's, they're giving extra content for first-time buyers. Epic was the first offering Flashback Maps for Gears 2. So, If you're going to get Gears 2 used, the Flashback maps will not be included. I'm pro for this idea for Dev's. Let them get every penny they deserve for every sold game they offer. If the game is garbage, that's another story, LOL!!!

I hate the fact that Gamestop only knock off at least $2.00 for a game thats Used versus New. That's some BS!

Major_Tom3265d ago

Double edged sword this one is.

Kushan3265d ago

THe sad reality is that theres thousands, probably millions of gamers out there who are just as hardcore as anyone else, but simply can't afford to put down the full RRP. I know exactly how they feel so I completely get why used games sales exist. If developers were more keen to lower prices of digitally distributed content, in line with price drops retail stores give out weeks and months after development, it would go a long way to appeasing everyone while directly making developers more money.

Bnet3433265d ago

Gears 2 did this as well witht he flashback map pack. They are trying to fight used game sales. If you buy the game used, they lose money. They don't want that, so if you buy the game new, you'll get free DLC.

Microsoft Xbox 3603265d ago

This is probably an excuse for having no space left on the disc.

Blaze9293265d ago

Yeah just completely ignore all the explanations and reasons the above commenter posted and the fact that only 2GB was used on the 2nd disc...or did you add all of them to you "360 fanboy ignore list"?

Anyway, Epic Games did this with the launch of Gears of War 2 as said above. They alter offered the Flashback Map Pack for a price over on xbox live. Its just a way to combat used sales. EA did it with NBA Live 09 including 365 Live as a download voucher. Bungie did it with Crackdown, list goes on.

Its also a reason why we are seeing so many pre-order bonuses and more now adays, developers/publishers are just fighting for that new game sell when in this tough economy now, even $5 off for a used copy seems like half off a new copy to consumers. They now have to make buying games new a better deal and give reason to do so.

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ssj3265d ago

Good news for Arcade owners.

Knghtz3265d ago

For you information I last heard there were 13!

freeblue3265d ago

i guess once the argument of xbox is cheap gone like a dodo. let not talk about arcade owners k? they're non-existence. they were only relevant when we want to argue xbox is cheaper, like during xmas.

XDF3265d ago

This will encourage the developers will get rewarded for there hard work. Future games should do the same...I hate Gamestop and their rip off practice with trading and selling used games.

kewlkat0073265d ago

I used to have lots of time to invest in these games.

Anyhow this is nothing new..."'s the ways"

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