PlayStation more 'kid friendly' than Xbox

Out of the 100 most loved brands for America's children and tweens, the Nintendo Wii and DS scored the first and second spots, according to a report by research firm Smarty Pants.

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imnotgoodtenglish3351d ago

its MS fault, they established themselves as the hardcore gaming rig.

MSpence5163351d ago

This would not be the case if Sony included head sets with each console.

sikbeta3351d ago

Its gonna change real soon, whit kids beging to mommas for a PS3 and then you get sentences like: F U I hate you... mommy!!!

Cwalat3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I don't think PS3 is kid friendly from a hardware standpoint and a presentation standpoint. Not at all. The xbox 360 looks like it's more mainstream designed. The controller looks alot more "kid friendly" and the simplicity of the menu is also more "kid friendly". The PS3 menu is all about hardcore tech guy stuff. For me it's better but it's not "kid friendly" imo.

But if we are talking about games, then both 360 and PS3 have great games for kids. Slight edge to PS3 as it has great titles such as LittleBigplanet and alot of PSeye mini games. Eyepet is also coming up. The only true "kid friendly" 360 exclusive i could think of is Banjo Kazooie.

Games and Variety in gameplay(PSeye) = PS3 is more for the kids
Controller, Presentation and Simplicity = 360 is more for the kids

BUT... Wii wins by miles ahead of these guys. So if you're looking to buy a console for your kids, the wii is still the best choise.

JOLLY13350d ago

teens and tweens like playstation.

Raz3350d ago

Please tell me the next game-company bandwagon isn't going to be 'kid-friendly'. Can you imagine if they glom onto it like they did with casual gaming? If we start getting a huge raft of kiddie games, I'm switching back to a computer. (hmm, Starcraft maybe..)

Darkstorn3350d ago

The kids on Xbox Live are far younger and far more annoying than their PSN counterparts. The Playstation brand may have more 'kid-friendly' games, but kids these days want to play 'big-boy games' like Gears of War or Halo, to the detriment of us all.
I NEVER have any preteens screaming in my ear on PSN.

gamesR4fun3350d ago

tho they could improve the parental lock options a bit

Killjoy30003350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Last time I checked, it's the 360 that is taking the plunge into the casual/children gaming market when you take into consideration the kid-friendly UI, Natal being represented as the central aspect of the 360, kiddy avatars, and simply a more aesthetically appealing console design. Even the games on 360 prove this.

Halo 3 - Essentially a tutorial on how to play a modern FPS. The bright rainbow colors don't exactly help either.
Forza 3 - Rewind and auto break present with limitless assist options.
Fable 2 - One button combat. Peter Molyneux even said that a 5 year old can play Fable 2.

The community itself manages to retain the image of 10-year old loud mouthed little sh!ts that talk crap on Halo all day.

Not to mention many other games like Viva Pinata and Banjo Kazzoie. The only truly hardcore title I can think of is Gears 2.

Besides, games like Demon's Souls, Killzone 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4 contradict this argument. What a terrible study.

Blaze9293350d ago

and the wii/ds is more kid friendly than the xbox and ps the point of this article is?

Rainstorm813350d ago

But by that standard Playstation is also more Adult oriented than 360 as well.

God of War and Heavy Rain says hello.

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MetalGearRising3351d ago

Not for long wait till (NATAL). That day is not long off then the whole foundation of gaming will change for ever how we play games.

FFXNo13351d ago

I can see millions of pedophiles buying their kits for research purpose. This will be a hit with older players, than with kids.

PirateThom3351d ago

Yeah, just like EyeToy and Vision Cam before it..

chisox1003351d ago

lol little kids won't play Natal. My brother who is 7 has a hard time playing EyeToy for PS2. Yet he beats me everytime we play 1 VS 1 on Call of Duty.

So in essence its not for little kids since its confusing to them. Natal fails again.

themyk3350d ago

im so glad sony isnt sellouts like 360.

i would be pist if sony stopped making games for a year and a half so they could try and turn themselfs into nintendo like microsoft has.

and you have morons like this guy above applauding it.

you sir are taking fanboys to another level.

microsoft had pretty much no exclusives for quite a while now. because all their efforts are going into this retarded piece of shiit add-on.

at least sony still cares about the hardcore

Microsoft Xbox 3603350d ago

Little kids know better than to play with Natal. Sorry bot.

Guitarded3350d ago

it really must have pissed you off that Sony made the PS3 so hard to program that it took even their own internal studios two years to figure out how to use it properly and that even today third party studios are having problems making games run properly. Especially the third party games since a large majority of a consoles library are third party. The 360 doesn't have a ton of exclusives this year but it doesn't matter because their are so many good third party games that run any where from the same as to so much better that it's not funny than the PS3 version that they feel exclusive. Not only that but PS3 first party games are rarely more than eye candy with less than stellar gameplay. I'd rather have a few fun games to play then a bunch of tech demos with little fun in them.

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WMW3351d ago

i have to agree it is more kid friendly you never here about guys traveling cross country to sleep with teenage girls or that a guy molested a 100 kids on psn like you do with LIVE.

Rifle-Man3351d ago

It's true. My 4-year-old daughter can use a Dualshock without any problems and she thinks that Little Big Planet totally kicks ass!

skeletonss3351d ago

are shes smarter than half the people on this site though..

MSpence5163351d ago

oddly enough, I agree with you skeletonss

gumgum993351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

The Xbox 360, compared to the PS3 fat(The slim appears more frienndly since its aesthetic is more PS2-like), does look a bit more mainstream, but as far as game lineup, the PS3 has the edge with games like Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, and EyePet coming next year.

I can definitely see the Wii be up there as it is, in many ways, the N64 of this generation in innovative controls and games.

Of course, I don't think kids pay attention to aesthetics. As a kid, I gamed on consoles, regardless of looks. The PS2 sure didn't look kiddy compared to the Dreamcast, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and still do.

Edit: Why there are edible brands like, Oreos, up there, is beyond me

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