Forza 3 - In-game glitches exposed

Gameswire has posted up a gallery of 12 screenshots, showing various glitches from Forza 3. This includes cars passing through each other during collisions and chunks of the road vanishing.

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caladbolg7773352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Jabs at T10 aside, almost everything to come through Microsoft Game Studios' QA department is bound to be riddled in bugs. It's a side-effect of long hours, little pay, and thankless effort.

Well... not as thankless as working at Nintendo. But then again, those games have already been tested by Japanese in-house. The North American Nintendo QA team is little more than english localization.

Foxgod3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Actually, all software contains bugs and glitches.
And in these shots they showed 2 whole glitches.

1:, the orange/white car does not have a correct collision box, which results into multiple collision shots, that are all the same problem.

2: a missing piece of texture, that normally cannot be viewed, unless you park you car beside the road during the race to take a look over the border.

caladbolg7773352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

I don't like Foxgod, but I agree with him here. The author of this article is going out of his way to be hyper-critical. He's blowing minor texture and collision issues entirely out of proportion.

Still, I can GUARANTEE that F3 (and any other Microsoft published title) has shipped with game-breaking glitches (many of which are probably already know by the developer and either ignored/forgotten/triaged or will be fixed with the Day 1 patch).

It's the nature of the beast.

Just be thankful this isn't a Valve title. Valve has no internal QA team and does not hire outside agencies to test their titles before release. They use their early adopters as testers and patch the issues post-release. Talk about saving a buck. Why bother paying for QA when your consumers will pay to do it for you?

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memots3352d ago

Ms should stop investing in big mouth PR and advertisement and start investing in Studio's and QA.

I ain't taking a jab at this game, i am actually gonna buy this game but seing these type bugs coming out major games lately makes you wonder what the hell.

example : Socom / Demigod / Gear2 , Of course i am refering to their online component but a bug is a bug and rushing a product is just wrong.
hmmm haven't we seen rushed product to many time this gen?

caladbolg7773352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

What is there to learn from exactly? People continue to buy their products regardless of a lack of quality and unreliability. If they've learned anything over the years, it's that you can sell anything if you market it well enough.

Scelestus3352d ago

I heard you like racing simulators, so we clipped a car into your car so you can fail while we fail.

DK_Kithuni_713352d ago

Yoiu are correct. As long as people buy buggy soft- and hardware from Microsoft by the millions why would they ever change? People! Vote with our wallet. Smarten up! Don't buy bugs, crap, shovelware.

FarEastOrient3352d ago

What happened to being the definitive racing simulator this generation?

jib3352d ago

alright what game doesn't have bugs/glitches? these aren't even anything big

militant073352d ago

look at all these attack toword forza 3 most of them forza haters and dont even care about it, but they got the chance to trash it.

why dont you dicuss this game which of most of you own.

SoX FireBlade3352d ago

It's about the developers not microsoft. I don't see Halo 3 has annoying glitches like Gears of War

The guy had glitches with one car which is weird

anyways I don't care I'll buy this game

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Microsoft Xbox 3603352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Well we can all agree on one thing, MS a has $hitty QA team.

caladbolg7773352d ago

"Well we can all agree on one thing, MS a has $hitty QA team."

I don't think this is fair. I know a good majority of game testers really work their tails off to do a good job. Honestly, if you find an exploit, bug or glitch in most cases it was found by the QA team. It's the developer that ultimately decides whether or not to FIX the issue. If you want to get real technical, you can blame the PRODUCER. They're the ones behind the scenes pulling strings, setting outrageous deadlines, and laying the monetary pressure on thick.

Bzone243352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

So I can assume with the responses that all of the ps3 exclusives have never and will never have any glitches?

ChampIDC3352d ago

Clipping of textures is one of the most common graphical mishaps in gaming, period, yet everyone makes a huge deal about it here...

Dude4203352d ago

Each time a hyped up game comes out, these guys have an agenda and REALLY try hard to put a game down.

caladbolg7773352d ago

"So I can assume with the responses that all of the ps3 exclusives have never and will never have any glitches?"

Not likely, but I've never worked for Sony so I can't comment on their process. I've only worked for Microsoft.

4Sh0w3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

"Will it ruin your enjoyment of the game? No. All modern games have small bugs and issues, and in Forza 3’s case, everything moves so quickly that you won’t even notice the collision problems. And that missing chunk of road? Absolutely there when you try to drive it."

Then why do a damm article like its the end of the world? Where are the
"Killzone 2 - In-game glitches exposed!!!!"
"Uncharted - In-game glitches exposed!!!!"

The point is almost every game has glitches but unless their enough of them to ruin the gameplay, gamers just end up having fun like the devs intended, it seems this site in particular loves to cater to the childish fanboy war, they do a bunch of comparison crap and then the try to cover it up with some bogus neutral statement at the end, perfect for n4g, flamebait is the best way to get hits.

LazyDevs3352d ago

I mean really, when it resorts to posting articles about bug's then we are getting into the so called....well....i am not going to say it. But seriously when you are posting bugs on a game cause you are jealous and are playing for the other team, you need to go lay down and take a nap. Should we post all the bug's of UC2 and then call Naughty Dog a lazy dev and such? Exactly how childish is that.

MNicholas3352d ago

I can forgive these kinds of glitches in a game with tens of millions of lines of code. Not easy to get it 100% right.

I'm less willing to forgive the in-game visuals.

Blurry textures in both gameplay and photomode and low-detail in-game models are just bad. Atleast for photo mode they increase the car detail but environmental detail and textures are still lacking.



Deputydon3352d ago

Yeah man. Those trees sure are 'high quality'...

Sorry to bring it back to the GT5p vs F3 debate but... lolz.

vhero3352d ago

how you supposed to have collision when your car goes through other cars?

pixelsword3352d ago why doesn't it reflect in the score?

inveni03352d ago

I am an avid PS3 supporter, but even I think he's being a bit too picky here. I mean, come on...complaining because the very corner of your ground effects clip through a rise in the terrain that's not even a part of the track?

Rock Bottom3352d ago



Skizelli3352d ago

I'm a huge fan of both the GT and Forza franchises, so I'm in no way bashing GT (though somehow I don't think it will matter to some of you fanboys). It's sad that I have to even give such a disclaimer before saying anything the fanboys will take the wrong way. That said, here's proof that even a "definitive" game has glitches.

GT2 Glitch FAQ:
GT3:A-Spec: (contains a glitch section)

This article is nothing more than flame bait.

Simon_Brezhnev3352d ago

whats funny is if this was a PS3 game it would had got dock by all gaming sites for glitches especially IGN but like always 360 gets a free pass for glitches

Montrealien3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

I hate to tell you this but when some of you guys get stuck in a corner or go through a wall in Uncharted 2 I hope you will not reserve the same kind judgment on Naughty Dog. This kind of stuff is part of the game and no matter how you test your game, some bugs or glitches will always surface once you go from 30 testers to a million. This is a part of gaming and this article is useless.

And Imdaboss, Uncharted 2 and Infamous are proof that your stupid tinfoil hat conspiracies are just that, tin foil hat conspiracies.

Simon_Brezhnev3351d ago


Wow you name to examples now name the rest of the ps3 exclusives and see if ign say something about glitches go look at all the review videos. Your just so stupid if you dont see that.

samfk3351d ago

ridiculous story, i dont know a game that hasnt got glitches,look hard enough and they all have,its just some look harder than others to get a wan. job on here.get some balls.

shadow27973351d ago

Wow, he was right. That is hard to Replicate.


I kid, I kid.

Honestly, besides the huge collision issues with the white car, and the missing road texture, I had a hard time seeing the other glitches. But glitches are part of the fun sometimes in videogames. As long as they're not abundant and irritating, that is.

None of us have the final product, so none of us know how often these kinds of things occur. So can we reserve judgment until then?

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AllShallPerish3352d ago

The BEST racing simulator this gen!!! lol

koehler833352d ago

Hey man! These bugs are just representative of the real phantasmic occurrences in racing today. Totally true to life. Totally!

monkey nuts3352d ago

I have come to the conclusion that QA testing is a waste of time anyway. I just completed NFS shift and sat through the credits to see if they actually had QA for the game because the amount of bugs/ problems were insane before it got patched. I was expecting maybe 4 testers and 1 of them being a blind llama but there were hundreds of em. Wtf were they doing? Someone at the top must have made the decision to ship the game as is and patch it later which seems to be part of an unfortunate trend happening with games today. If we want it to stop we should point out to the devs/ publishers that they are breaking the legal obligation they have to us the consumer. Read the disclaimer at the back of any game manual. It says something like 'we (the pub) declare this product to be free of defects in materials and WORKMANSHIP for 90 days'. They need to be reminded of this.

RonDeMuerte3352d ago

I guess that's what happens when you rush through development and don't take your time trying to perfect every single detail just because you want to be able to say that you released your crappy driving "simulator" before your competitor..(who by the way, is actually taking their time to develop a high quality product).....hahaha Turn 10 sucks...

d0nT wOrrY3352d ago

Just imagine if you're racing in 23/24 lap race and you're 1st then someone passing through your car and win :)


Scelestus3352d ago

The definitive racing simulator simulation.

"I'm in ur car! Ruining yor laps!"

bruddahmanmatt3352d ago

Well look at the bright side. Turn 10 can now add "glitches" to the "list of features they beat Gran Turismo 5 at".

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Johnny Rotten3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

hey what's that? oh it's just Turn 10's BS leaking through the missing road!

The Meerkat3352d ago

How many bitter PS3 fans will this article attract?

Count my disagrees to find out.

thereapersson3352d ago

looks like seven thus far

Don't worry, I didn't disagree or agree with you.

3352d ago
DK_Kithuni_713352d ago

I'm not stuck with a Xbox 360 and Forza 3. I have the other console, which only does everything, you know.

sak5003352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

"I'm not stuck with a Xbox 360 and Forza 3. I have the other console, which only does everything, you know."

Yeah right looking at ur short history of ur 100th account we find it hard to believe you have any console.

And it is funny since you dont have an xbox360 u seem to be mostly in the 360 news venting out long repressed anger towards it like an xbox360 one late night bit of your manhood and now you're a neutered little fella.

And while all the ps3 owners wait for only their exclusives which are as rare as rain in the desert so what they do is come in 360 news and post BS.More like they are the ones who got shafted this gen with the last place console and only hype your exclusives since all multiplats are inferior on your console, so let see 2 exclusives per year vs. 10s of games on a cheaper console with better online features.

Seems like ps3 does everything except keep the owners on leash so they could atleast use it once in a while.

dxbstars3352d ago

What have PS3 fans to do with Tutn 10 & Forza3 glitches!!!! you can at least complain as a gamer to make DEV make a bitter games.

bjornbear3352d ago

And this is a stupid article. Every games has glitches, even the best. Big deal.
Anyone bashing Forza 3 is just silly, bashing Turn 10 though....=)

LazyDevs3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )

Won't be near as many as the 300 Forza 3 Vs Forza 2 screens comparisons. I will assume you will hit around 50 though.


Do i really need to list what it doesn't do compared to the 360?

crystallakekiller3351d ago

lol good one...
i use to really like n4g,but since this site is full of sony fanboys,i dont like it as much now...i dont like fanboys at all but the sony fanboys are really the worst!they are on every xbox news to troll....they are just pathetic! i have both consoles and i can say when a game is good or matter on which console it is
and bubbles for you The Meerkat

TheReaper423351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

let me help you lazydev

PS3 can't do what the XBOX360 can:

Blow itself up when inserting a disc.
Cross chat.
Mind control dumb ass followers to repurchase the same garbage over and over again.
Play dvd instead of blu ray.
Takes away some of your IQ.
Provide no hard drive and or expensive upgraded hard drive.

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