Defense Grid Given Permanent Price Cut

Hidden Path's excellent tower defense title Defense Grid: The Awakening has been given a 50% permanent price cut on Steam.

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kasasensei3351d ago

A must buy with this new price!

ambientFLIER3351d ago

Is this the one that just came out on xbla as well?

TheIneffableBob3351d ago

This one, the PC version, came out last year. The recently released XBLA version came out a lot later, but has a couple new bonus levels.

DelbertGrady3351d ago

Awesome game. Not available on PSN of course.

thereapersson3351d ago

I sure do love Pixel Junk Monsters, Savage Moon, and Comet Crash. Not available on XBOX 360, of course... :D

Looks like the price drop is just the thing to get me to buy this on Steam.