Bayonetta PS3/360 Demo Comparison HD

Which Bayonetta has smoother curves and fuller lips?

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UnSelf3353d ago

Disclaimer: GT: PS3 version may suffer from jaggies, aliasing, pop ins, and framerate drops. Sega and its affiliates are not responsible for these faults.....we added them there purposely. Enjoy.

WildArmed3353d ago

lol. Oh we are running the ps3 version on 480i.
OH! and if by any chance the ps3 version looks better, we'll switch the video between the versions so the 360 version looks absolutely superior without a doubt. Or my title of being a total d!ckhead to ps3 might be void.

presto7173353d ago

then please disregard EVERYTHING I have said about bayonetta in the past. I've been on the wall for this one, and my opinion keeps changing. But the ps3 version looks horrible compared to the other one. I really cannot justify paying full price for this crappy port. I just wish sega did not pull off this type of nonsense.

jack_burt0n3353d ago

If u are desperate for the game get it next week for ps3 neither version is that pretty imo, and there is nothing game breaking about the ps3 version at all if you think otherwise u are a fanboy.

WildArmed3353d ago

yeah, pretty much the same experience on both consoles.
Will be picking this up eventually. Once i finish Demons Souls that is...
note: New Game + is jus the beginning.

Delta3353d ago

Yea, But if have Ps3 and 360 you might as well get the 360 version.(unless you like Dualshock better)
I'll pick this game up next summer.

TheXgamerLive3353d ago

this is 99% of games, were so used to this already, always the better 460 version, always, this is old news, move along now people.

3353d ago